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Skoda Superb reviews

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4.3 / 5
Based on 118 reviews
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Andy Mosley
2 reviews
Apr 18, 2020
4.1 / 5
Reviewed: 2014 - 5Dr Estate 2.0 TDi CR DPF SS 140 EU5 Elegance 6Spd 4WD
Great family vehicle reliable and spacious
Iain MacMillan-Gardner
2 reviews
Feb 20, 2020
5.0 / 5
Reviewed: 2012 - 5Dr Estate 2.0 TDI CR DPF 170 EU5 Elegance DSG Auto6
One of the best large estates I have ever purchased. Even has a self drying umbrella inside the rear door. More legroom in the rear seats, than an S class Mercedes. Only requires servicing every other year. All 5 seats heated, front seats electric memory. Best integrated Satnav ever. The DSG electronic gearbox is incredible, with 3 different modes to choose from, gear changes are so smooth and seamless.
Jeremy Law
1 review
Feb 13, 2020
4.9 / 5
Reviewed: 2012 - 5Dr Estate 2.0 TDI CR DPF 140 EU5 Elegance DSG Auto6
Spacious and well built. Very well equipped. Totally reliable over 150,000 miles, with only routine servicing, tyres, brake pads and one cam belt.
Iain MacMillan-Gardner
2 reviews
Jan 16, 2020
4.9 / 5
Reviewed: 2012 - 5Dr Estate 2.0 TDI CR DPF 170 EU5 Elegance DSG Auto6
For over 5 decades, I have always owned large estate cars. I have owned 3 Subaru Legacy's, 3 Saab 95s, 1 Volvo T5. But my current Skoda Superb Elegance, is by far the best. I like luxury and all of the toots and whistles. This has it in spades, the full leather upholstery is excellent quality, I love the voice commands to control various aspects, the intelligent Exon litting, more room in the back, than an S class Mercedes. Flat deck the back and it will hold anything. But best of all I love the DSG Auto box, with 3 different modes of operation, the surge of power is seamless, 90 in third, the finest auto box I've driven and I control it, not like other autos, where you have no control. Bottom line is, I simply can't fault it, build quality excellent. The seats are like you favourite armchair, all 5 heated if course, I love the sensation if being pushed back into the seat, when you excelerate. Best estate I've ever owned, more gadgets than any other. Excellent value for money.
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