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Check your credit rating

A completely free soft credit check with no card details required

Over 2.8m UK drivers have joined
  • No Hard Check
  • Takes 60 Seconds
  • Indicative Credit Rating

Check Your Credit Profile for Free

Our simple credit check tool won’t require you to part with your bank details or address history. Simply create an account and answer our 6 easy questions and we provide with your credit rating. Check with us before you apply for finance.

Free Online Credit Check

Use our free credit check guide to see where your credit score is likely to be. This service is only a guideline and is not intended to replace a full credit check by Experian, Credit Expert or similar services. The intention is to help you decide whether you are likely to have a good, fair or poor credit score and are likely to gain credit at normal interest rates, near prime or sub-prime rates. The lower your result, the less likely you are to gain credit at the lowest advertised APR.

Check Your Credit Score

We will use your data to assess your profile, and may call you to identify services which match your requirements. We will not pass your details onto a third party without your permission.