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User Reviews
  • "An excellent car, the only faults are electrical."
    - Mohan
  • "Very well screwed together! Top quality materials and parts mean very infrequent repairs are necessary and excellent reliability...."
    - John
  • "The best A8 yet!!"
    - Andrew Powis
  • "I have had my A8 3.7L 40V Quattro now for 4 years. The build and parts quality are excellent with only a CV gaiter, one parking..."
    - John
    - M. GILSON
  • "For someone who does less than 8K per year this car purchased secondhand represents outstanding value for money. Looks,..."
    - Peter Caufield
  • "The Audi A8 is a good all rounder, performance is excellent, a good comfortable drive,lots of space"
    - rosemarie duffy
  • "The main issue with these types of vehicles is the appalling residual value. "
    - Robert Andrew
  • "probably best alternative to s type jag. "
    - vince
  • "A true executive saloon with just about every extra one could think of, plus a fantastic performance of 5.5 seconds 0-60 mph and a..."
    - Barrie Driscoll
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