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Save up to £4320* on over 200,000 used cars

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Over 200,000 used cars
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Why use Regit?

Best Deal Promise
Save on average £3600 on the best deals*

8.9% APR
Save on average £720*

Free History Check
MOT and mileage history on every used car
How it works
TrueDeal puts you in control
We check over 200,000 UK used car prices every day to bring you the best deals.
Our Promise to you - Best Deal First
We rank our used cars by 'best deal first'. You can’t buy this slot like on Autotrader, it has to be earned. It’s the TrueDeal.
TrueDeal is unique
It’s the only pricing calculator that takes into account the full specification, cars in the market, the finance cost and the dealer rating.
Powered by Amazon
Using Amazon AWS machine learning technologies, natural language processing and clever data scientists, it helps you buy the right car at the best price. View the full process
* £720 average finance saving compared to advertised used car finance rates from 5 franchised dealer websites on 11th Sept 2018. See more
* Combined savings of £4320 achieved when using Regit finance saving of £720 and £3601 saving compared to the used car average market value as calculated by for the top ten percent of deals as of 14/09/2018.
How our best deal promise works
The Regit best deal promise works by taking all used car stock data for a given day and loading into our AIS (artificial intelligence system).
Numerical data like manufacturing year, engine size and categorical such as colour, manufacturer, model and derivative variables are selected that have been identified as contributing to the price of a vehicle.
In addition to this we use natural language processing to pull out features from a vehicles derivative text field and any additional details. The model will rank important vehicle features that contribute to higher prices.

The model is then trained to predict the price of a vehicle based on all the features mentioned above. We assume the predicted price is a good estimate of the market value of a particular vehicle. Any vehicle which is above or below this price is considered a good or bad deal and the difference from the market value is calculated.

The variation in the model output informs us of the confidence of the price that is given. Prices with high variability are given a low confidence score and those with a low variability are given a high score.
Powered by AWS Cloud Computing
Regit Finance Savings
£720 average finance saving compared to advertised used car finance rate from the top 5 franchised dealer websites by business turnover.
Based on borrowing £10,000 on a 4 year PCP agreement at the advertised representative APR of 11.3%. Prices valid on 11th September 2018.