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Driving Licence Expiry Date Automatically Extended
DVLA extends the expiry date of your photocard driving licence to minimise stress, inconvenience, and expense during the pandemic.
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Vehicle Safety Recalls For January 2017
Details from the DVSA of vehicles, parts or accessories recalled by manufacturers for safety purposes.
Feb 14, 2017
Pros And Cons Of Franchise And Independent Dealers
Factors when choosing franchise or independent include: type of stock, availability, maintenance, warranty and cost.
Jun 08, 2016
What Is Car Cloning & What To Do If Your Vehicle Has Been Cloned
A helpful guide for the worst case scenario, whether you're buy or already in ownership of a cloned vehicle...
Jan 14, 2016
What To Do If Your Vehicle Has Been Recalled
Here's how to discover, and act upon, a vehicle recall that affects you
Jan 14, 2016
Company Car Tax 2015/16 To 2019/20: Plan Now For Low Payments
UK company car tax rates for 2015/16 to 2019/20 confirmed. Plan now to keep benefit-in-kind payments low for the long term.
Jan 11, 2016
Company Car Tax: Scrapping Of Diesel Supplement Postponed
Company car tax: government postpones plan to scrap diesel supplement forcing thousands of motorists to pay more tax.
Jan 08, 2016
What To Do If I Lose My Driving Licence
How To Get A New Driving Licence Online
Oct 27, 2015
2017 Road Tax Rules And How To Benefit
2017 road tax changes: how it works and how to benefit financially.
Jul 30, 2015
Company Car Tax Jargon Buster
This Company Car Tax Jargon Buster explains the key terminology and makes it easier to calculate how much a vehicle is likely to cost.
Jul 30, 2015
Company Car Tax – Everything You Need to Know
Benefit in kind, P11D and company car tax explained. Plus rates for 2015-2016 to 2019-2020
Jul 30, 2015
Middle Lane Hogging: The Law
After the first driver was convicted of middle lane hogging, guest writer Alison Ashworth explains the law
Jun 25, 2015
What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Stolen Or Cloned
Helpful advice to aid you in a worst-case scenario.
Apr 27, 2015
Do It Online - Tax and SORN
All you need to know about taxing your vehicle online
Apr 24, 2015
Guide To Personalised Registrations
How To Buy A Personalised Registration
Apr 24, 2015
Update Your V5C (Registration Document)
Or face the potential loss of your licence without even knowing about it.
Apr 24, 2015
Should I Notify the DVLA About My Heart Problem?
In many cases, a person’s licence group entitlement will determine whether the DVLA should be notified of their heart problem.
Apr 24, 2015
Major Drink Driving Law Change
Statutory Option to provide blood or urine sample abolished
Apr 24, 2015
Busting The 'Red Light' Myth
When Is a Person Legally Required to Stop at a Traffic Light?
Apr 24, 2015
Would You Know If You Were Over The limit?
Everything you need to know about the law on drinking and driving
Nov 21, 2014
Your Health and Driving
The Driving Standards Agency must be informed of any special needs when booking your practical/theory driving tests.
Aug 18, 2011