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Audi Maintenance Features, Benefits & Health Check for 2019

By Stephen Turvil | July 30, 2019


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Audi’s free health check, maintenance & genuine parts keep your vehicle aged 3 yrs & above in prime condition

Audi Maintenance Features, Benefits & Health Check for 2019

Maintenance and care for your Audi putting it in the best hands

The Audi free health check and any subsequent maintenance ensure your car is ready to take on the world. Such work keeps it at peak efficiency, makes sure it commands respect and helps you feel confident on the road. For further peace of mind, the work is done by brand specialists who fit genuine parts. There is no compromise.

Audi health check

The Audi health check is among the most important tasks the manufacturer completes – and it is completely free. It requires your technician to inspect a wide range of parts. Each is then colour coded so you know what work is needed (if any). The code is:

  • Red (item requires immediate repair or replacement)
  • Amber (item may require attention in the near future)
  • Green (item working at its best)

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Audi cam

Audi cam enables your technician to make a short, informative, video that demonstrates what work the vehicle requires to stay at its best. This transparent, honest, approach ensures you have all the information to decide – with total confidence – how to proceed.

Oil change

Engine oil is more important than many people recognise. Its purpose is to lubricate, cool, and clean key components but it becomes less effective with mileage. Audi, therefore, replaces it periodically to keep your engine at its best and extend its life.

See above to book Audi maintenance online

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Air conditioning

Air conditioning cools and dehumidifies the cabin. The latter helps remove condensation to keep the windows clear in winter. Good visibility makes driving safer, of course. Naturally, the system has to be maintained if it is to continue to meet exceptions. Audi:

  • Tops up the refrigerant that circulates through the system
  • Washes away microbial, fungal, and bacterial partials


AdBlue is a liquid that is fired into the exhaust stream of your diesel vehicle. Its purpose is to neutralise the nitrogen oxides that pollute the planet. The AdBlue tank only contains so much, of course. It, therefore, has to be topped up to keep the car efficient.

Satellite navigation

Your satellite navigation must incorporate the latest, most accurate, and most complete maps to properly guide you to your destination. Audi’s regular updates guarantee it is up to the task.

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The MOT is a legally required inspection which confirms your vehicle meets minimum safety and environmental standards. The technician checks your brakes and exhaust system, for starters. This inspection is typically required three years after registration then annually thereafter. Audi’s price is only £49.99.

MOT preparation

The MOT is strict. Rather, therefore, than fail for simple faults such as blown bulbs the manufacturer spots such problems in advance. This methodical approach saves you time, effort and money.

Free MOT with cam belt change

The cam belt is a critical part of the engine that wears with mileage. On this basis, it is best to replace it periodically rather than wait for it to fail. Why? Because if it snaps it might damage other expensive components. If, therefore, you take this precaution the manufacturer rewards you. Expect free MOTs for life.

Book online

Audi makes it easy to book an appointment for maintenance. You can do so online on the manufacturer’s website, or right here at the top of the page. Simply enter the vehicle’s registration number and your postcode to get started. 

See above to book Audi maintenance online

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