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Audi’s Fixed Price Service Plans Explained

By Phil Gardner | March 9, 2020


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The easiest and most flexible way of paying for the best care for your Audi...

Audi’s Fixed Price Service Plans Explained

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The new car market has never been more competitive in the UK than it is today, and manufacturers are putting more effort into their aftersales experience than ever before to ensure they can win over customers by providing a stellar experience even years after purchasing your vehicle. Audi, in particular, is putting in more effort than most with their service plans.

How does it work?

Well, there are two tiers of their servicing plans, and it all depends on the age of the vehicle that needs looking after. As long as the vehicle is aged between 0-10 years old, Audi will have a fixed price solution for you.

The first tier is for vehicles aged between 0 and 3 years old and the pricing starts from £468 for Audi’s 2.0 litres and under, and £594 for Audis with engines above 2.0 litres. Naturally, these payments can be separated to monthly outgoings of £19.50 and £24.75 respectively for 24 months. So from the moment you drive your car out of the showroom until its first MOT, your Audi will be well treated and kept in check by the professionals at your local Audi dealership.

In this service plan you’ll get: 1 oil service and vehicle check, then a 2nd Oil service and inspection. This second service includes a new pollen filter (if required), a full inspection including lights, glass, instruments, brakes etc. a full road test and a full health check.

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That’s the first two services for a brand new Audi sorted at a very low cost. There are some exceptions though. Electric models, ‘S’ models, RS models, R8, 6.0 litre/ W12 models are all excluding as these performance models tend to need more specialist treatment.

The second tier of Audi’s service plan is for vehicles between 3 and 10 years old. Similarly, engine size dictates the prices of this fixed price plan. If you’ve got an Audi with a 2.0-litre engine or under, you can pay £480 upfront or £26,67 a month for 18 months. If you’ve got an Audi with an engine over 3.0 litres then it would be £540 upfront or £30 a month. This plan is slightly more comprehensive than the first tier.

You get 1 oil service with a vehicle health check, much like in the previous tier, but the second service also includes spark plugs, a fuel filter and an air filter when required.

The same exclusions apply to electric models, ‘S’ models, ‘RS’ models, the R8 and 6.0 litre/ W12 models.

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There are over 150 authorised repair centres across the UK and you can choose where is convenient to have the work carried out. Only trained Audi technicians will look after your car, strictly using genuine Audi parts and if you come to sell your Audi, the plan can be easily transferred to the new owner. Simple!


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