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Driven to Exhaustion

By Geraldine Ashton Green | May 14, 2015


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Can you tell if your exhaust system is faulty?

Driven to Exhaustion

A faulty exhaust system can result in a hefty bill if not dealt with as early as possible and two in three motorists do not know how to check for a faulty system. The exhaust system not only keeps your car quiet but it also routes exhaust fumes away from inside the car and helps your engine run correctly, plus it maintains fuel efficiency and reduces polluting emissions.

Identify problems with a visual check

Regular visual checks of the exhaust could stop problems progressing too far, external rust on the exhaust is quite normal but any cracks in the pipe or any jagged holes in the seams and joins can be signs of bigger problems. Any type of roaring noise is usually a problem with the silencer due to corrosion, other noises can be hissing which could be a crack in the exhaust manifold or pipe or even a leaking gasket. Blockages in the exhaust system will result in a chugging noise. 

Don’t delay a car exhaust repair 

Delaying a needed car exhaust repair can make it cost more as continuing to drive with an exhaust leak or bad catalytic converter can damage other things in your vehicle's operating system. If you have a problem with the catalytic converter you will find it is one of the highest priced exhaust system parts, if the catalytic converter is failing or intact it will sound like  someone shaking a box of rocks when your vehicle is stopped in traffic or parked.

Can you hear a rattling noise?

The exhaust system could just have misaligned if you hear rattling from under your car, brackets and hangers keep your exhaust in place and corrosion or a missing bracket could allow it to hang loose. If you find you are filling your tank up more often than usual then this is another alarm bell, you could have an exhaust leak as increased fuel use is a sign your engine is having to work harder. You can avoid exhaust failure just by doing checks on a regular basis and replacing a corroded part can sometimes save money and time. 

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