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Ford Motorcraft 4+ MOT Features And Benefits

By Stephen Turvil | August 8, 2016


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Ford lists range of benefits of having your car looked after by Ford professionals using the latest equipment and Ford quality parts.

Ford Motorcraft 4+ MOT Features And Benefits
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MOT required by law

If your car is over three years old it must undergo an annual Ministry of Transport (MOT) test to make sure it meets legally set road safety and environmental standards. When your MOT is due, Ford make a compelling case for bringing your vehicle to your local Ford Dealer.

A Ford MOT is “very thorough”, for example. If the car requires work, it is completed to “exacting standards” by a technician that is a brand specialist and has brand specific tools. Only Ford quality parts – rather than arguably inferior generic parts – are used to ensure the best possible compatibility and performance. 

Warranty guaranteed

Ford reveals that this approach “guarantees” any manufacturer warranty remains valid. The reason is straightforward. Should the car develop a fault in the future, there can be no claim that it was caused by poor, non-manufacturer, workmanship or generic parts.

Ford emphasises that if work is required to bring the car to standard it will “let you know”, rather than proceed without authorisation. It also claims to offer “exact and competitive pricing”, plus a “written expiation” of the invoice and any “repair work”. This is “reassuring” for future buyers, the company reveals. 

A Ford Motorcraft 4+ MOT also “helps maintain” a car's resale value, the manufacturer suggests. Perhaps “minimises depreciation” is the more realistic term. The justification is that potential buyers assume that a car that has been cared for by manufacturer technicians – and repaired with manufacturer parts – is, arguably, much more likely to be reliable than its lesser-loved counterparts. 

Ford Motorcraft 4+ prices

The Ford Motorcraft 4+ MOT costs £30 if booked with a service, rising to £35 when purchased by itself. It can be reserved online via the manufacturer's website then modified, again online, should your circumstances change. The term “Motorcraft” also includes other features for models age 4 years and higher. Servicing, for example. 

A minor service costs from £125 and includes an: oil/filter change, antifreeze top-up, battery check, tyre pressure check, wash/vacuum and washer fluid reservoir top-up. The major service costs from £195 and extras include: new spark plugs, a wheel-off brake check, inspection of the transmission fluid plus a air filter change, etc.  You can currently enjoy a £10 discount from the price of your Ford Motorcraft Service when you book online using voucher code MCDIG10.

The Motorcraft 4+ website reveals the price of common repairs too. Fiesta front brake discs and pads cost £175, for example. Other parts include: S-MAX windscreen wiper blades (£30), Focus clutch (£529), Ka front shock absorbers (£259), Ka alternator (£359), Kuga timing belt (£349), and a Fiesta air-conditioning refresh (£19.99).

All prices are RRP, and inclusive of parts, labour and VAT.

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