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Ford Motorcraft Low Cost Service & Repairs For Spring 2020

By Stephen Turvil | March 10, 2020


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How Ford Motorcraft low cost service keeps your older vehicle in prime condition in spring 2020

Ford Motorcraft Low Cost Service & Repairs For Spring 2020
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Ford Motorcraft Service benefits

Ford Motorcraft is the low cost, convenient, and simple way to guarantee your car is ready for springtime adventure now its warranty has expired. In other words, it suits now it is a bit older. Expect transparent prices, value for money, and no hidden extras so it is easy to keep your vehicle in perfect working order.

Consider a Ford Motorcraft Service, for starters. Its primary purpose is to ensure the vehicle is safe so you feel confident behind the wheel. Among other things, the technician therefore inspects the brakes to confirm you stop safely, quickly, and without any problems – whatever challenges you take on this spring.

A Ford Motorcraft Service also minimises wear which extends the car’s lifespan. The technician replaces the engine oil, for starters. Why bother? Because new oil more effectively cleans, cools, and lubricates components that have to work efficiently if your car is to meet expectations. The Ford Motorcraft Service also:

  • enables the technician to spot minor problems before they become serious (so you can then take steps to avoid any unnecessary breakdown, expense, and inconvenience)
  • creates a ‘service history’ paper trail that proves the car has been cared for (and therefore maximises its resale value).

Ford Image 2

The Ford Motorcraft Service costs £159 which is tremendous value for money. In addition to the aforementioned items, the technician:

  • checks and tops up antifreeze, brake fluid, and screen wash
  • confirms the battery is healthy
  • resets the service light
  • cleans the vehicle so it creates the right impression
  • checks steering components
  • completes a visual alignment check
  • inspects the transmission oil
  • replaces the pollen/air filter (optional extra cost).

Ford Image 1

Further benefits

Ford Motorcraft incorporates further benefits that keep your vehicle in good condition for very little money. Tyres cost from £36.95, for example. Fixed cost repairs provide further peace of mind. So, there are no extra costs if the car needs a battery, alternator, or countless other components. Ford has got it covered.

Furthermore, technicians have brand specific training, tools, and diagnostic equipment and only fit manufacturer components to guarantee the best performance. Most rivals can make no such claim.

Book Ford Motorcraft online

Ford Motorcraft makes it easy to book online. To get started, simply enter your vehicle’s registration number and mileage into the manufacturer’s website. Next, confirm your postcode to see a list of local dealerships. You can then select what work is required, choose the date and time, and relax. Roll on spring 2020!

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