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Free MOT with Kia Care Service Plan

By Stephen Turvil | May 10, 2022


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May 2022 offer: protect your car with a Kia Care Service Plan and get a free MOT

Free MOT with Kia Care Service Plan

Kia customers have the chance to protect their cars with a bespoke Kia Care Service Plan to keep their car safe, reliable and ready for the roads. 

The service plan includes a free MOT if you sign up in May 2022. 

The plan is tailored to your vehicle so it gets the precise care it requires and is a comprehensive package from the company that designed, built, and sold the vehicle. Nobody is better placed to care for it long term.

How to buy a Kia Care Service Plan

A Kia Care Service Plan can be ordered online. This is a simple process. To get started, enter the car’s registration number. The manufacturer can then identify it. 

Next, confirm its current mileage and how far you travel in a year. The manufacturer then calculates the optimum service schedule for your car. 

Kia then makes it easy to pay for your vehicle’s long term maintenance. You can pay in full now or via fixed, easier to manage, monthly instalments. Either way, the next MOT that falls within the service plan period is free if you sign up in May 2022.

Kia Care Service Plan benefits

First and foremost, servicing helps your vehicle run efficiently. Fitting a new air filter helps the engine breathe, replacing the brake fluid helps the vehicle stop safely and new spark plugs help the fuel ignite in the engine’s cylinders. Servicing also minimises wear. 

The technician also checks the brakes, cooling system, and countless other components work properly. If there is a minor imperfection, it can then be repaired before it becomes serious. All work is done by a specialist who has brand specific training, experience, and tools. And naturally, your technician only installs genuine parts to ensure the best fit and performance.

Servicing also maximises your vehicle’s value when it is time to trade-in or sell. A well maintained vehicle is more desirable than its unloved counterpart and that is reflected by the price. And finally, full service history ensures your car’s seven year manufacturer warranty remains valid. That is key. The warranty minimises any cost, hassle, and stress if the car develops a fault.

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