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Infographic: Car Maintenance Basics

By Stephen Turvil | November 2, 2015


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Basic tips for maintaining a vehicle. Including meaning of dashboard warning lights and how to stay safe should a vehicle breakdown.

Infographic: Car Maintenance Basics

Motorists that properly maintains their vehicles are likely to have trouble free trips and the basic checks require very little knowledge, time and equipment.

Maintenance also ensures it feels nice on the road and minimises financial depreciation.

The following infographic highlights some of the most important checks before heading out such as engine oil, tyres, coolant and lighting.

Furthermore, it suggests what equipment might prove invaluable while on the move. Highlights include a reflective jacket, sunglasses and torch.

The infographic also explains the meaning of various warning lights should there be a mechanical problem. Equally important, it confirms how a motorist can stay safe – and keep any passengers safe – should the car breakdown at the aide of the road.

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