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Land Rover: how to book an MOT and service online

By Stephen Turvil | October 31, 2022


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Land Rover: how to quickly, easily, and conveniently book your vehicle’s service and MOT online. Good value for money and peace of mind come as standard.

Land Rover: how to book an MOT and service online

A Land Rover MOT and service can be booked online with no fuss whatsoever. To get started enter your vehicle’s registration number, its current mileage, and your postcode. The manufacturer now identifies your specific model - a 2021 Discovery 2.0 Litre Sport, for example. Next, you see a list of dealerships close to your postcode that can care for the car. Simply choose a favourite.

Land Rover MOT and service: tell the dealer what you want

You can now select from a list what your vehicle requires. For instance new engine oil, windscreen wiper blades, brake fluid, discs and pads, or a battery to start its engine. You might also opt for an MOT. Prices are shown next to each item so you can budget accordingly. Next, pick a date and time for the work to be done. You can normally choose from a few days to a few weeks ahead.

Land Rover MOT and service: delivery or collection

Land Rover now lets you pick a delivery or collection option. You could take your vehicle to the dealership then make your own onwards travel plans. You might instead wait at the dealer as a technician works on your vehicle. Alternatively, you could ask for a lift or a courtesy car. To complete the booking, simple enter a few personal details. This entire process only takes a few minutes.

Why trust Land Rover?

Land Rover is well qualified to care for your vehicle as it designed, built, and sold it. The technicians are highly trained and have brand specific tools. They also only fit genuine manufacturer parts rather than dodgy copies. This guarantees the parts fit properly, work well, and last long term. For further peace of mind, the new parts have a two year manufacturer warranty. 

Land Rover’s vehicles: Discovery Sport

Land Rover sells a wide range of capable vehicles such as the Discovery Sport. This SUV performs beautifully off-road in all-wheel drive form, is available with a third row of seats, has a big boot, and can tow a heavy trailer. It is also good value for money. 

Land Rover’s vehicles: Range Rover

The Range Rover is the pinnacle of the brand’s range and blends limousine comfort, off-road prowess, and prestige. The muscular styling and remarkable equipment specification only add to its appeal. The Range Rover sets the standard others try to emulate. 

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