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MINI Aftersales Service Online

By Joanne Hogan | July 30, 2019


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You can book your MINI service online at a time to suit you

MINI Aftersales Service Online

As every motorist knows, getting your car serviced can be a needlessly complicated and time consuming procedure. In an age where everything we use is designed to be as easy as possible, why should your life have to stop just because your car needs a service? Well, MINI don’t think it should.

Their services are built around the owner, to ensure that from start to finish the whole process is as seamless and stress free as possible. As all drivers are different, there are different service options to choose from and of course the whole thing has the quality you’d expect from one of the world’s most iconic car brands.

For convenience you can book your service online at a time to suit you. If you’re short on time that’s no problem either, just go for a MINI Pit Stop appointment. They only take 90 minutes and cover a whole range of service and maintenance issues. Relax in the onsite Pit Stop lounge while the service takes place and make the most of the free Wi-Fi, so you can work while your MINI is worked on.

Above all else MINI know that for those who drive one, a MINI is more than just a car; it’s an extension of their personality and as such needs the best care possible.

So, when you book a MINI service, that’s exactly what it gets. The MINI technicians who work on your car are trained to the highest standard, and while no one loves your MINI like you do, they come a close second.

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Craftsmanship and care are vital when it comes to a good service, but it’s also hugely important that the right parts are used. A MINI service means 100% Genuine MINI Parts 100% of the time, all of which are manufactured to MINI’s exacting quality standards. Each one comes with a two-year parts warranty, which means you’ll get the perfect replacement every time.

Your MINI deserves the best possible cover, whatever its age. MINI TLC is a package you can buy anytime from when your car is purchased, up until its first service. It covers check-ups and simple fluid and filter replacements for either the first three years or 36,000 miles – whichever comes sooner.

Or, for the more mature MINI, there’s MINI Value Service, a competitively priced programme that’s specially designed for MINIs that are 3 years and older.

Pay monthly service plan 

Another option is the MINI Pay Monthly Service Plan which removes the uncertainty that comes with car servicing costs by allowing you to spread the costs monthly.

The cost is fixed for its duration, so you're protected against inflation and any price rises that may occur in the future. If you ever sell your car, you’ll have the option to keep the plan and transfer any unused balance to your new MINI, so no worries about not making the most of it.

Your MINI monthly plan is suitable for vehicles of any age and it comes with a number of additional extras so you can get the most from your MINI. These include:

• One MOT

• Top-ups of fluid

• Health checks

• Updates to your maps

• Free wash & Vac


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