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MINI Service Inclusive: low cost maintenance

By Stephen Turvil | May 12, 2022


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Keep your car safe, reliable, and ready for anything with MINI Service Inclusive.

MINI Service Inclusive: low cost maintenance

MINI Service Inclusive is the simple, cost effective, and convenient way to maintain your vehicle long term. Simply pay a modest sum now to cover multiple services for years ahead. Such work is important. Servicing keeps a car reliable, helps it feel its best on the road, identifies minor faults before they become serious, and maximises its resale value once it is time to move on.

How MINI Service Inclusive works

MINI Service Inclusive can be purchased within 12 months of the car’s first registration. The price and what is included are tailored to your car. Perhaps it has a petrol engine. If so, it can be serviced up to five years from registration or 62,000 miles – whichever comes first. The same applies if you have a plug-in hybrid. An electric car can be cared for until its fourth birthday. 

Petrol or plug-in hybrid

A vehicle service check is included if you own a petrol or plug-in hybrid. It requires the technician to inspect a wide range of components to ensure the car is safe, legal, and reliable. Among other things the tyres are inspected. Tyres influence how the car brakes, handles, and rides so faults cause issues. Damaged and heavily worn tyres can increase the risk of collision, for example. 

The technician also replaces or tops-up the engine oil. New oil more effectively cleans, cools, and lubricates key parts of the engine. This minimises wear. The car might also need a new air filter to help the engine breathe and stop debris entering its cylinders. The technician may also change the micro filter, fuel filter, brake fluid, and spark plugs to help the car feel its best. 

Electric car

An electric car needs less maintenance than a petrol or plug-in hybrid. The technician still checks it carefully, though. It can have a service check, a new micro filter, and replacement brake fluid. Brake fluid is particularly important. Old fluid is more likely to boil if you brake hard for a long time. If it boils, it is harder to stop the car. It is far safer to have new brake fluid. 

MOT Protect

MINI Service Inclusive incorporates many other benefits. MOT Protect is particularly reassuring. If the car fails its test, certain faults can be fixed without charge. Additionally, the manufacturer only fits its own components rather than inferior copies. Many parts have a two year warranty for further peace of mind.

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