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New Vauxhall Service Club Offers & Discounts for 2020

By Stephen Turvil | January 1, 2020


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Vauxhall Service Club saves you money, keeps your car at its best, and gives you peace of mind – join for free today

New Vauxhall Service Club Offers & Discounts for 2020

Save with Vauxhall

Good news! The Vauxhall Service Club helps you cut the cost of motoring, maintain your vehicle to the highest standard, and comes to your rescue if you have a collision. And guess what? You can join it for free – irrespective of which of the manufacturer’s vehicles grace your driveway. Let us ponder the benefits in detail.

Save money

New Vauxhall Service Club Offers & Discounts for 2019 Image 2

The Vauxhall Service Club incorporates exclusive offers and discounts that cut the cost of driving. Get 15% to 25% off servicing and repairs, for example (both parts and labour). That alone makes it worth joining the club. Additional benefits include:

  • 15% off accessories which personalise your vehicle, make it stand out from the crowd and express your personality
  • half price MOT (England, Scotland, Wales)
  • free pre-MOT inspection (Northern Ireland)

Vauxhall also makes it cost effective, simple, and convenient to care for the environment. But how? AdBlue is a liquid that minimises pollution if your vehicle has a modern, diesel powered engine. This mixture of urea and water is stored in a tank then fired into the exhaust. It can then neutralise any nitrogen oxides.

Clearly, however, the tank can only contain so much AdBlue so it has to be topped-up. The Vauxhall Service Club makes this affordable thanks to a fixed, low cost pricing structure. Pay only:

  • £14.99 (car)
  • £24.99 (van)

New Vauxhall Service Club Offers & Discounts for 2019 Image 0

Keep your car at its best

The Vauxhall Service Club further ensures that your car is beautifully maintained. That is important. Among other things, servicing ensures it works at peak efficiency and keeps it reliable. You, therefore, have confidence that it is ready for whatever challenges your lifestyle demands. Vauxhall’s technicians:

  • have brand specific training
  • use brand specific tools
  • fit the manufacturer’s own parts rather than inferior replicas to guarantee the best fit, compatibility, and performance
  • offer a minimum 12 month warranty (parts and labour)

Join for FREE  on the advert above or below 

New Vauxhall Service Club Offers & Discounts for 2019 Image 1

Help when you need it most

The Vauxhall Service Club includes other benefits that give you peace of mind. You have access to the Accident Management Programme, for starters. This ensures that invaluable, professional, and calming help is available when you need it most. ‘We’ll do everything for you’, the manufacturer explains. Vauxhall:

  • arranges roadside recovery
  • liaises with your insurer and handles the claim on your behalf
  • arranges a replacement vehicle
  • ensures your vehicle is repaired to a high standard
  • certifies the repair

There is a final cherry on the cake. The Vauxhall Service Club newsletter contains additional offers, discounts, and competitions. You can join for free on the adverts on this page.

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