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Nissan Service Care Benefits, Costs & Extras Revealed

By Stephen Turvil | July 29, 2019


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Nissan Service Care special features explained, the cost, and why servicing your car is a good long term investment

Nissan Service Care Benefits, Costs & Extras Revealed

Free breakdown insurance

Nissan Service Care is more comprehensive, affordable, and convenient than you might expect and the best way to keep your vehicle in prime condition. On this basis, in addition to the maintenance that keeps it safe, reliable, and nice to drive there are further benefits that add value. Consider the highlights below:

European roadside assistance for 1 year (worth £95). If, for example, your car has a puncture this cover ensures a mechanic comes to help. It operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Courtesy car and onward travel. Life goes on even if your vehicle is being serviced. Nissan therefore arranges transport on your behalf to keep you on the road. Work meetings, the school run, and any other adventures then continue unhindered.

Vehicle assessment video. If the technician concludes your vehicle requires more than a service, you receive a personalised film by e-mail that explains the situation. You can then see the problem without having to visit the workshop.

Nissan parts. Nissan only installs its own components to guarantee the best performance, compatibility, and longevity.

Free software updates. As required, the technician updates your vehicle’s software to ensure it exceeds expectation.

Skilled technicians. Nissan technicians have brand specific training to guarantee they service your car to the highest standard.

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What does servicing cost?

The Nissan Minor Service costs £199 (petrol), £229 (diesel), and £159 (electric) irrespective of the vehicle’s age. Among other things, expect new engine oil and a pollen filter as required. The Major Service costs £279 (petrol), £329 (diesel) and £209 (electric). Extras include the brake fluid check and an air filter.

Why service your vehicle?

Nissan Service Care is best perceived as an investment in your car’s future. It minimises depreciation, after all. This ensures you trade it in for the best price if you swap to one of the manufacturer’s newer alternatives. Why? Because service history incorporates benefits that make your car more desirable – and therefore more valuable – than unloved equivalents. For instance:

  • Ensures the car is safe, e.g. technician checks the tyres for bulges, cracks, and punctures that might cause them to fail.
  • Minimises wear and tear, e.g. new oil more effectively lubricates the engine which extends its lifespan.
  • Identifies minor faults so they can be fixed before they become serious and cause a breakdown, e.g. leaky coolant hose.
  • Makes your vehicle work at its best, e.g. engine is at its most powerful, responsive, and environmentally efficient.

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