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Nissan Service Care Benefits Revealed in 2019

By Stephen Turvil | February 13, 2019


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Why you should trust Nissan to service your car - plus reasons to have such work done and the fixed, low, costs

Nissan Service Care Benefits Revealed in 2019

Why service your car?

Nissan Service Care incorporates countless benefits that make it easy, cost effective and convenient to maintain your car to the highest standard. But why bother? The purpose of servicing is to:

  • Ensure your car is safe and legal, e.g. inspect the tyres 
  • Minimise wear, e.g. new oil more effectively lubricates and cools the engine than an older, dirty, counterpart 
  • Identify minor imperfections that can be repaired easily before they get serious and more expensive, e.g. a small coolant leak from a radiator hose that – if ignored - might expand, cause the vehicle to overheat then lead to a breakdown 
  • Make your car feel its best, e.g. most responsive 
  • Minimise depreciation, i.e. your car retains more of its resale value if it has a good, manufacturer, service history 

Why trust Nissan?

Nissan is far better equipped to service your vehicle than independent garages as it designed, built then sold it. Nissan knows it best, in other words. On this basis, your technician has brand specific training, tools and diagnostic equipment plus access to software updates. Your software is updated for free if required.

Furthermore, Nissan only installs genuine, manufacturer, parts rather than lesser alternatives. This guarantees the best fit, compatibility and performance so your car is not compromised by suspect parts. The same cannot be said by many independent garages.

Nissan is honest and transparent, too. On this basis, your technician makes a video to show any imperfection that might require attention. This eliminates any suspicion the work is not required. You receive the video via e-mail then choose how to proceed. Maybe you want the work done at a later date, for example.

Your Nissan service incorporates further benefits. These include:

  • European roadside assistance for a year (worth £95) 
  • Courtesy car to keep you mobile 

Nissan Service Care Benefits Revealed in Summer 2018 Image 1

What does servicing cost?

The Nissan Minor Service costs £199 (petrol), £219 (diesel) and £149 (electric) respective of your vehicle’s age. Expect new engine oil and a pollen filter, for starters. The Major Service, in contrast, is priced at £269 (petrol), £319 (diesel) and £199 (electric). Extras include the brake fluid check and an air filter.

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Fixed Price Repairs

Nissan Fixed Price Repairs guarantee value for money if your car requires further work. The fitted, fully inclusive, prices include:

  • Front or rear brake pads (£120) 
  • Front brake pads and discs (£260) 
  • Standard battery (£90) 
  • Windscreen wipers (£25) 
  • Rear wiper (£11) 
  • Air-conditioning recharge (£69) 
  • Air-conditioning clean (£19.99) 

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