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Pros and cons of a used car warranty

By Stephen Turvil | October 5, 2022


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Why a used car warranty can be a tremendous investment but is not the solution to every problem.

Pros and cons of a used car warranty

A used car warranty has numerous pros, only a few cons, and is useful once the original manufacturer warranty has expired. when you buy a used vehicle, a warranty may be provided by the dealership. It may be included within the sale price or available as an optional extra. you can instead buy a warranty elsewhere. choose one tailored to the vehicle's age, mileage, and your budget. 

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Pros of a used car warranty

The key benefit of a used car warranty is that it can save you money. Perhaps your vehicle's gearbox develops a fault, for instance. A warranty may cover the cost of buying, fitting, and testing a replacement. Such work can cost thousands of pounds. It might cost a significant percentage of your vehicle's resale value.

There are many other parts that can fail and cost a fortune to repair. Examples include the engine, suspension, electrics, fuel system, steering, clutch, locks, and more. Your car might need several repairs within the life of its warranty. Without financial help, you might not be able to afford to keep your car on the road. 

A used car warranty does more than save you money, It gives you peace of mind and minimises stress. there is less need to worry about peculiar noises, vibrations, and other sensations that emanate from the vehicle. If there is a fault, there is a warranty to come to the rescue. You can sleep easier at night on this basis. 

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Cons of a used car warranty

A used car warranty has cons, too. One way or another you pay for it, either within the sale price of your car via the dealer or seperately. this cost may be recouped many times over if the vehicle is problematic. However, the money is wasted if there are no faults and you do not claim. additionally, any claims must equate to more than the cost of your warranty to come out ahead. You may also have to pay something toward the cost of every repair. 

The warranty provider may also require any work to be done at a garage of its choice, rather than your choice. That might be inconvenient. Note too that not every part of the car is covered by the warranty. Some are excluded. Weat items such as brake pads are a typical example. Overall though, a comprehensive warranty from a trusted provider is worth cinsidering. It can be a good investment. 

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