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Reasons why you should service your car

By Stephen Turvil | January 19, 2023


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Service your car to minimise wear and tear, maximise its resale value, and ensure the warranty remains valid.

Reasons why you should service your car

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Servicing your car minimises wear and tear, helps it work efficiently, maximises the resale value, and ensures the manufacture warranty stays valid. On this basis, any money you spend on servicing is an investment rather than an unwanted expense. It is an investment that can pay huge dividends long term.

Minimise wear and maximise efficiency

Servicing your car minimises wear and tear. Consider the engine oil. Its purpose is to lubricate, clean, and cool the engine’s critical internal parts. However, the oil becomes less effective over time. It gets old and dirty. Replacing the oil at the recommended intervals ensures the engine continues to be properly lubricated, cleaned, and cooled. Such things maximise its lifespan.

The mechanic can also replace the air filter to help the engine breathe properly, swap the brake fluid to ensure the car stops safely, lubricate the door hinges, and replace the wiper blades to help you see. Tyre pressure can be checked, too. This is important. Incorrect pressure impedes how your car brakes, handles, and rides.

Maximise resale value

A car with full service history is worth more than a similar counterpart with none. Service history suggests it has been properly maintained and is more likely to be reliable on that basis. The service history also helps verify that the mileage reading on the odometer is correct. Such things make the car more attractive to other drivers and that is reflected by the valuation.

Spot faults early

Servicing is an opportunity to notice minor mechanical faults before they become serious. Perhaps there is a tiny leak from the engine cooling system. If so, it can be fixed before all the coolant escapes and your engine overheats. That is important. If your engine overheats there can be a lot of damage in a short time.

The mechanic can also test other parts such as the battery, alternator, and starter motor. Again, if required, such parts can be replaced before they fail completely and make the car breakdown.

Keep manufacturer warranty

The car’s warranty might be invalidated if it is not serviced at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Every 10,000 miles or 12 months, for instance. Losing the warranty means you become responsible for the total cost of repairs – and repairs can cost thousands. Additionally, the warranty cannot then be transferred to another motorist if you sell your vehicle. That makes it less desirable than similar models that still have their valid warranty.

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