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Save money with Volkswagen Commercial All-in

By Stephen Turvil | February 15, 2022


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How Volkswagen Commercial All-in helps you save money, maintain your vehicle, and get peace of mind on the road.

Save money with Volkswagen Commercial All-in

Volkswagen Commerical All-in is the cost effective, simple, and convenient way to ensure your vehicle is ready for any challenge your workload demands. Among other things this two year care package includes two services. Servicing helps your vehicle run efficiently, minimises wear on critical components such as the engine, and maximises the resale value when it is time to trade-in.

Further benefits

Volkswagen Commercial All-in includes a two year warranty that minimises the cost if your vehicle breaks. It could save you a significant sum if there is a serious fault. The warranty complements two years roadside assistance that provides further peace of mind. It guarantees help at the roadside if you have a problem. And finally, this comprehensive package includes two MOTs.

Save money

All-in is the cost effective way to care for your commercial vehicle. Simply pay via a single lump sum or fixed monthly instalments over two years. Either way, the outlay is less than paying for each element of the package as you go. Drivers save £1,558 on average over two years, Volkswagen Commerical emphasised.


Volkswagen Commerical makes its care package available for a wide range of vehicles. Yours must be aged three to six years, have a 2.0 litre engine or smaller, and less than 100,000 miles on the clock as the cover starts. It must also be inspected to confirm it has been well maintained. You can book an eligibility check online.

Trust Volkswagen

Volkswagen Commerical can be trusted to care for your vehicle. Its technicians have brand specific tools, training, and expertise and only install genuine parts rather than inferior copies. Clearly, this manufacturer can keep your van at its best and ready for work.

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