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Tips to de-ice car windows quickly: save time and hassle

By Stephen Turvil | December 13, 2022


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Tips to de-ice car windows. De-ice and demist your car windows quickly, easily, and with minimal fuss thanks to our simple tips. Tips to save you time & hassle.

Tips to de-ice car windows quickly: save time and hassle

How to quickly de-ice car windows: tips

Quickly de-ice car windows, demist, and get rid of snow with our simple tips. These ‘do’ and ‘do not’ tips help you see the road clearly, avoid damaging your car, save time, and keep you on the right side of the law. You can be fined if your view is obstructed.

DO NOT: boiling water

Do not pour boiling water – or very hot water – over a frozen window to melt ice. The sudden temperature change may crack the glass. Slightly warm water is less risky. Better still is canned de-icer. De-icer does not have to be warmed up in a kettle, for example, it’s cheap, easy to keep in your car, and effective.

DO: air conditioning

To demist your car windows, turn on the air conditioning in addition to the heater. The mist clears quicker as air conditioning does more than keep you cool on hot days. It’s a dehumidifier that removes water from the air. The mist on your windscreen is predominantly water. Also, keep the air conditioning on throughout your journey to stop the mist reforming.

DO NOT: windscreen wipers

Do not turn on the car’s wipers if they are frozen to the windscreen. You may break the mechanism and that can be expensive to fix. De-icer is the best way to quickly free your frozen wipers.

DO: sun visors

Lower both sun visors while demisting the windscreen. To some extent, the sun visors then trap the warm air blown onto the windscreen via your vehicle’s heater. The mist then clears quicker.

DO NOT: be inpatient

If time is short, it is tempting to start driving before the windows have fully cleared. When you can only see through a small gap in the ice, for instance. This is unwise. The police might conclude your car is ‘dangerous’ as you cannot see enough of the road. A £60 fine plus three penality points is the likely sanction.

DO: remove snow

  It is important to remove snow from the car’s roof. If not, it might slide forward as you brake and cover the windscreen. You can be fined for driving a dangerous car. Snow is best removed with a brush that is soft enough not to damage the vehicle’s paint.

DO: clear everything

Remove ice, snow, and mist from all the car’s windows rather than just the windscreen. Also clear the exterior door mirrors, rear-view mirror, and any lenses if you have exterior cameras. Such steps guarantee that you have a complete view of your surroundings. 

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