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Volkswagen Price Match & Fixed Price Servicing Keeps Cars Safe & Reliable

By Stephen Turvil | July 29, 2019


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VW Price Match explained, Fixed Price Servicing costs revealed - and the free 34 Point Express Visual Check

Volkswagen Price Match & Fixed Price Servicing Keeps Cars Safe & Reliable

Price Match

Volkswagen makes it easy to service, repair, and keep your car feeling its best via its range of cost effective incentives. Consider Price Match, for starters. It ensures your participating retailer matches written, like-for-like, quotes for servicing, repair and tyres from garages within 5 miles that fit genuine components. “Cannot say fairer than that”, the manufacturer argues.

Fixed Price Servicing

Volkswagen Fixed Price Servicing makes life easier, too. It suits if your car is between 3 and 15 years old and “prevents little problems turning into big ones”, the manufacturer says. Simply pick the Minor Service or Major Service. The former is required every 12 months or 10,000 miles (whatever comes sooner) and costs from £179..

The Minor Service relates to the: engine oil and filter, pollen filter, lights, instruments, bodywork, glass, battery, coolant, drive belts, brakes, steering, hoses, drive shafts and exhaust. Your manufacturer trained technician – that has brand specific tools and diagnostic equipment – also takes the car for a test drive then stamps its service book to confirm the work is complete.

The Major Service is required every 24 months or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first). Extras include new spark plugs if your vehicle has a petrol engine. It might alternatively require a replacement fuel filter if it is powered by diesel. The technician inspects the transmission fluid level, too. Prices start from £349.

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34 Point Express Visual Check

The Volkswagen Express Visual Check relates to safety critical and wear items, the manufacturer says. Furthermore, such work is completed – for no extra charge – whenever your car enters the manufacturer’s workshop irrespective of age, mileage and condition.

The technician, therefore, checks a wide range of components that have to work properly for your vehicle to be safe, reliable and nice to drive. The tyres and brakes, for instance. A written, easy to follow, report is then produced that rates each part via the red, amber and green traffic light system. These colours equate to:

  • Green: Component is operating to the necessary standard and there is nothing to indicate it requires attention soon 
  • Amber: Component is safe and legal but might require attention in the near future (before the next scheduled visit) 
  • Red: Component requires immediate attention as the vehicle is illegal, not fit to be on the road and/or unsafe 

Further services

Volkswagen offers a wide range of other services to keep your vehicle at its best. Highlights include:

  • Air conditioning service (includes refresh from £139) 
  • Brake fluid change (from £69) 
  • Front brake pads (from £169) 
  • Cambelt (from £494) 
  • MOT (£54.85) 

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