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Which brand gives you the longest warranty?

By Tom Gibson | May 16, 2023


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Warranties cover mechanical mishaps that aren't your fault and mean hefty bills won’t come your way should something go wrong.

Which brand gives you the longest warranty?

Having a lengthy warranty in place can bring a real sense of calm with the purchase of a new car. Warranties cover mechanical mishaps that aren't your fault and mean hefty bills won’t come your way should something go wrong.

These days, some manufacturers offer seriously long warranties, and many can be transferred to a new owner, boosting the value of your used car in the event of a sale. Take a look at some of the longest here, and if you want to get a quote for a warranty on your car, head to our partners MotorEasy here.

SsangYong – Seven-year/150,000 miles

SsangYong may sound like a new brand but it’s actually Korea’s oldest car maker and offers the most generous warranty out of every manufacturer in the UK. You get cover for seven years or 150,000 miles on all petrol and diesel vehicles. SsangYong's range revolves around SUVs and 4x4s, including the Tivoli, Korando, Rexton, and Musso pick-up. The warranty also covers many perishable parts like suspension bushings and joints meaning even components that usually wear out quicker are covered.

Kia - Seven-year/100,000 miles

Kia has a longstanding reputation for high-value warranties and all models in the firm's range are currently covered by a seven-year or 100,000-mile warranty, making it one of the very best around. For the first three months of the warranty, it offers unlimited mileage, which then drops back to 100,000 miles for the remaining period.

MG – Seven-year, 80,000 miles

MG also offers a seven-year warranty but a mileage limit of 80,000, which is still more than enough for most drivers. This warranty can also be transferred across owners which is a good selling point when looking to cash in.

Hyundai - Five-year/unlimited mileage

Hyundai offers a five-year and unlimited mileage offering. It even covers high-performance N models, ensuring that those who opt for these go-faster versions are still covered by a comprehensive warranty. Additionally, it includes two years of coverage for the brakes and clutch.

Toyota - Three-year/100,000 mileage

Toyota offers a three-year, 100,000-mile warranty across its range of cars, including models within the Lexus brand. A scheme introduced in 2021 called Relax gives owners the ability to gain an extra year of warranty coverage for each time they have their car serviced at an authorised dealer.

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