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Best 5 cars for teenagers

By Tom Gibson | November 19, 2021


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Best 5 cars for teenagers

Apart from the initial outlay, insuring a car for any teenager is an expensive necessity. With that in mind it is important to keep engine power and speed levels reasonable while still providing a car that is easy and safe to drive.

Our top five recommendations would be:

The Vauxhall Corsa is always in the top three of leading sales figures and there is a reason for that. First time drivers and, indeed learner drivers, are often seen behind the wheel of the easy-to-drive Corsa. It is reasonably cheap to buy, boasts low running costs and the latest generation model even looks pretty good too.

Insurers frequently offer financially-sound policies when the Corsa is bought as a first car.

It’s also worth noting that Learner Drivers that teach children and teenagers to drive safely often use the Corsa as their vehicle of choice.

The Ford Fiesta is a firm family favourite and is the best-selling car in the UK for good reason. It’s fashionably modern in its design and packed with tech, but most importantly, it’s a very simple car to drive with few driver distractions.

But that’s not to say there is little on-board tech because there is plenty, including the likes of voice activated media systems, so music can be changed without taking your hands from the steering wheel.

With a vast choice of engines, body styles and trim levels, there is a Fiesta to suit all budgets.

The VW Up! shares its platform with the Skoda Citigo, so both get our vote as great cars for first time drivers.

They are not just easy on the eye, but also comfortable, practical and well-priced. The compact dimensions make them both ideal for anyone living in a city where parking spaces can be small to squeeze into.

In addition, they sit in low insurance groups and boast impressive running costs with good fuel efficiency.

The engine is limited to a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder option, but it still packs enough of a punch for day-to-day driving.

The Kia Picanto has grown in stature since it was first launched and it has also gained more attention over its three generations. The latest car is very attractive with an emphasis on city chic and customers can choose from a couple of perky engines along the way.

It is well equipped with no hidden extra charges (which is very much the Kia way) and it comes with an industry-leading seven-year warranty.

Whichever trim you select, it will be well equipped and the designs get sportier as you move up through the grades.

It’s another great car that’s very simple to drive with great all-round visibility too.

Toyota’s Aygo is another ideal choice for anyone who has just learnt to drive and is looking to keep the costs down. It boasts youthful good looks and is packed with kit. The performance is smooth and, whilst it’s not exactly quick out the starting blocks, it is ideal for anyone who has little driving experience under their belt.

If Toyota isn’t quite your cup of tea and you fancy a little French flair, then the Aygo was developed alongside the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 – both of which are good choices for first time buyers too.

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