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How to pass my driving test

By Stephen Turvil | February 16, 2023


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Driving test tips for 2022. How the right instructor, a mock test, physical fitness, and other factors can boost confidence and help you pass the driving test.

How to pass my driving test

The key to passing your driving test is preparation. It gives you the practical skill, knowledge, and confidence to excel on the day.

Get a professional driving instructor

Professional tuition is worth its weight in gold. The instructor knows exactly what is required to pass the test. A friend that offers to teach you might not. Pick an instructor that has a high pass rate, plenty of experience, and is easy to get on with. Without professional tuition you are at a disadvantage on test day.

Check your eyesight

To pass the test, your eyesight has to meet a minimum legal standard. Check beforehand that it does. You must prove to the examiner that you can read a modern registration plate that’s 20 metres and you’re allowed to wear glasses or contact lenses to do this.

Do a mock driving test

Ask your instructor for a mock driving test. This requires the instructor to behave like the examiner. You can follow a test route, do some reversing manoeuvres, and get a feel for test conditions. The mock should include ‘show me tell me’ car safety questions. This experience helps on test day as you’ll know what to expect and how to behave.

Get familiar with the roads

Before the big day, practice driving on any roads that might be part of the test. Get to know every junction, traffic light, pothole, and hazard. It’s easier to drive well on familiar roads. 

Be physically fit

Make sure that you are physically fit on test day. Be wary of medication that may impede your driving such as hay fever tablets that can make you drowsy. Others might upset your stomach or make it harder to concentrate. Get a proper night’s sleep, too. It’s also helpful to eat properly before the test, and stay hydrated.

Take everything you need

Take anything you need to pass the test such as a provisional licence. If you have it, take your theory test pass certificate too. Wear something comfortable rather than restrictive and make sure you footwear isn’t likely to fall off or make it difficult in any way, AKA - no flip flops!

Stay calm during your driving test

You’re more likely to pass the test if you feel calm, so keep it in perspective. It is not your whole life. The worst case scenario is that you fail. You can then learn from any errors and try again.

Want to know how you can control your nerves during a driving test? - we have some tips here. 

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