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How to pass my theory test

By Stephen Turvil | February 2, 2023


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Tips to pass the theory test: how the test works, a new Highway Code for 2022, multiple choice questions, hazard perception videos, and online practise papers.

How to pass my theory test

You can easily pass the theory test if you study carefully in advance. You take it at an authorised centre on a computer and there are two elements. The first element is 50 multiple choice questions. To pass, you must answer 43 correctly within 57 minutes.


Question Potential correct answers 
How should you use anti-lock brakes when you need to stop in an emergency? Keep pumping the footbrake to prevent skidding.
Brake normally but grip the steering wheel tightly.
Brake promptly and firmly until you have stopped.
Apply the parking brake to reduce the stopping distance.

Hazard perception

The second part of the theory test is hazard perception. Here, you see 14 videos that show scenarios on the road. 13 of the videos contain one ‘developing hazard’. One video contains two hazards. Your task is to click the mouse as hazards develop that would ‘cause you to take action’. You might slow down if a car pulls out in front of you, for instance. You may steer to avoid a pedestrian.

You can score up to five points for a developing hazard. The earlier you see it the more you score. The pass rate is 44 from 75.

Study Highway Code

Much of the information you need to pass the theory is in the Highway Code, so study it carefully. You can see it online for free. You can instead get a printed copy. A printed copy is arguably easier to digest. Whichever you prefer, ensure your copy is up to date. The Highway Code was last updated on January 29th 2022.

Theory test practise papers

Theory test practise papers are available online, often without charge. You can answer multiple choice questions, see hazard perception videos, and be scored. Do as many practice papers as practical. They reveal what to expect when you take the real test and whether you are likely to pass. 

Theory test tips

Various other steps help you pass the theory test. Get a good night’s sleep beforehand and eat well. It is easier to think clearly once rested, fed, and watered. It’s also useful to minimise stress and arrive early - you don’t want to be rushing in and panicking about missing your slot! 

During the test, read the questions carefully before you answer. It’s easy to rush and make a mistake. Finally, stay calm. Panic is the enemy of a good exam!

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