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How to pass your driving test quickly

By Stephen Turvil | August 10, 2022


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Simple tips to help you pass your driving test quickly: avoid unnecessary delay.

How to pass your driving test quickly

Some motorists take a very, very long time to pass their driving tests – but you can qualify quicker. The key is forward planning, perseverance, and hard work. Such things help you learn fast and minimise unnecessary delay. Let us summarise precisely what to do. 

Provisional licence

You cannot start your practical lessons without a provisional licence. On this basis, apply for it far in advance so it is immediately available as required. There is then no need to defer your lessons while you wait for a licence. The earliest you can apply is aged 15 years and nine months. You need proof of identity such as a passport, birth certificate, or travel document. Ensure ahead of time that you have proof so the application runs smoothly. 

Pick an instructor early

The best instructors tend to be busy. Each has a long list of existing clients, lessons booked far in advance, and no shortage of other learners that want help. To avoid delay, choose your instructor early. It is also important to pick someone who understands you need to qualify as soon as possible. Make this clear, and ensure the instructor is ready to make any extra effort.

Book frequent lessons

Once you have chosen your instructor book frequent lessons, far in advance. Four times a week, for instance. This is preferable to having occasional lessons if you want to pass quickly. Do not overdo it, though. Too much tuition in a short time can be counterproductive if you get overtired. Give yourself time to rest.

Independent research

Rather than only rely on your instructor for help, do some independent research via the internet. It might get you to test standard quicker. For instance, before the first practical lesson watch a video that confirms which pedals do what and how to position the driver’s seat. Such information gives you a head start. The instructor can then focus sooner on things you cannot learn online. Ensure any extra guidance comes via credible sources.

Book tests early

There can be long waiting lists to sit your practical and theory tests. Several months is common in some parts of the country. On this basis, book your tests far in advance to avoid unnecessary delay. The key is to realistically estimate when you are likely to reach test standard, then book accordingly. If, however, it takes you longer to learn than expected you can then postpone your tests.

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