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New Drivers Advice: Fuel Efficient Driving

By Mathilda Bartholomew | November 10, 2023


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Fuel expenses can weigh heavily on your budget, and with prices trending upwards, we've got some suggestions to assist you in cutting down on your fuel consumption!

New Drivers Advice: Fuel Efficient Driving

Admit it, having a car comes with its fair share of expenses—bet you never really noticed the fuel prices until you had to foot the bill yourself! With the continuous surge in fuel costs, here are some tricks to help you keep those precious pennies (quite literally) when refueling.

Gentle on the Acceleration

Sure, flooring it can be a thrill, but it comes at a cost. Aggressive acceleration burns unnecessary fuel, not ideal for those watching their fuel budget. In simple terms, the more you accelerate, the more fuel you consume.

Opt for Higher Gears

Choosing higher gears can be a smart move to conserve fuel. Shifting to a higher gear for your speed minimises fuel consumption by avoiding excessive engine revving. However, be mindful not to exceed speed limits when selecting the next gear. Change gears promptly, and steer clear of the red line on your rev counter—no fuel savings there!

Look After Your Car

Give your car the attention it deserves through regular maintenance and servicing. A well-maintained vehicle operates more efficiently, translating to fuel savings. This practice is essential, so consult your car manual for the manufacturer's servicing recommendations.

Keep Your Tyres Inflated

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure can save you a few extra pennies. Under-inflated tyres force your car to guzzle more fuel. Optimal tyre pressure ensures a smoother drive, saving money on fuel—definitely a win-win!

Lighten the Load 

While it may not be a drastic change, it's a common-sense principle: a heavier car consumes more fuel. Keep your vehicle as light as possible by avoiding unnecessary and hefty items in the boot. Every bit of weight reduction contributes to fuel efficiency.

Air Conditioning Awareness 

Believe it or not, your AC affects fuel consumption, especially at lower speeds! Powering anything that relies on the engine and battery burns fuel. Save your AC for higher speeds; at lower speeds, open the windows for cooling. The same applies to using your car's heating system.

Consider Car Sharing

The ultimate way to save fuel is to give your car a break, obviously! We're not suggesting you become a pedestrian all of a sudden. Explore alternatives like car sharing to cut fuel consumption—take turns driving with others, and voila, sharing is caring! Plus, check out our car-sharing insurance options to ensure you're covered.

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