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Should I get black box car insurance?

By Stephen Turvil | February 7, 2023


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Black box car insurance explained. How black box car insurance works, why your driving style matters, driver score, and the pros and cons of black box.

Should I get black box car insurance?

Black box insurance could be cheaper than other policies if you drive safely, smoothly, and sensibly. Such behaviour can be rewarded by significantly lower premiums. Black box is most likely to save you money if you are 17 to 25 years old, and inexperienced.

How does black box car insurance work?

A black box is a small device that monitors your driving style and has to be fitted to the vehicle. It monitors how fast you drive, how hard you accelerate, how firmly you brake, and how quickly you take corners. It records sudden movements such as swerves, too. The device also notes the times of day you are typically on the road.

What is a black box insurance driver score?

The information gathered by the device is then sent to your insurance company, which then calculates your driver score that reflects how safe you are behind the wheel. In other words how likely you are to crash, make a claim, and cost your insurer money.

if you drive erratically with fast accelerations and regular intervals of heavy braking, you’ll likely end up with a bad score and a high insurance premium. If you drive sensibly however, and have no incidents, you’ll be deemed a safer driver and benefit from a slightly cheaper premium.

Is black box car insurance right for me?

Where as black box car insurance could save you money – it is not guaranteed. Whether you save depends on your scenario. To find out, get multiple insurance quotes from a price comparison website. Remember to include black box and normal policies.

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