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268 West Main Street Whitburn, Bathgate EH470LB, UK


William Stevenson

Aug 18, 2022
I recently bought a car from this business for around five thousand pounds - at first I thought both the establishment and owner could not be better however I have had nothing but extreme issues since, hence why I have resorted to writing this review. The car initially passed its MOT despite having a broken drive shaft upon my purchase of the vehicle - a problem which was in no way caused by me. The amendments of this problem took a very long time to be completed as the business’ mechanic was on holiday and thereafter there was issues with COVID within the establishment, also. I brought this up with the owner, Derick, as well as other issues I had with the car upon purchasing such as a bubble in the tire (extremely dangerous to drive with and could have posed risk to my life as well as passengers!), the air conditioning was unsatisfactory (many witnesses can attest to this), the compressor was also unsatisfactory as well as the electric wing mirrors. All of the above was supposed to be handled by the company as it should not have been an issue in the first place - the car should have been satisfactory to purchase for use as of the Consumers Rights Act 2015. The company only fixed the drive shaft and I had to fix everything else myself at my own expense, at another company, costing hundreds of pounds. Furthermore, when the company did fix the drive shaft they fitted it with a scrap part which, in my opinion, is not good etiquette from a business which is supposedly of such high praise from others. The customer service has been nothing but dreadful and definitely not what I expected from this company, or it’s owner, as at first I put my full trust in them. Of course, this is all a matter of opinion and in no way do I intend to defame or tear down this company’s reputation by writing this review. However, during times like the one we now find ourselves in, nearing a recession with the cost of living sky-rocketing, I intend to make others aware of my personal experience with this establishment in the hopes that the same thing does not happen to any one else.

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