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Unit 6 The Stampings, Coventry CV65RB, UK

Big Wave Campers Coventry Used car dealership

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Gary finch

Aug 2, 2022
Ever since our purchase of this van we have been inundated with vehicle problems and bad after service support. On the pick up day we were informed that our van would not be ready because there was manpower issues at the workshop, this being where our van still was and not at the Birmingham Showroom. Completely disappointed we turned around and started heading home. We then received a phone call from the Salesroom Manager who apologised for the mis-communication and that even if he had to go to Coventry himself, the van would be ready for us in as originally planned. Once again we turned around and headed to Birmingham. Arriving in Birmingham our van was nowhere to be seen? Two hours later the van tipped up, no awning was fitted as previously arranged and it needed valeting. We waited whilst the van was prepped and the van was eventually presented to us late in the afternoon. We did the paperwork and there was no service history or any history prior to Big Wave Campers ownership of the vehicle, I voiced my concerns to the Sales Manager who promised me he would look into it. Alarm bells were ringing here but my Partners joy at finally getting her dream vehicle compelled me to take his word for it. We then looked over the vehicle, the cab was dirty but more alarmingly, the windscreen had a massive crack, the passenger side light was cracked and the engine management light was on plus there was hardly any fuel in the vehicle. More apologies and excuses were issued. Due to the lateness of the hour we took the vehicle away. We had to fuel and add Adblue on the way home in Birmingham rush hour. It was apparent the van had problems as the fuel consumption was terrible, the vehicle struggled to accelerate and closer to home, the engine started smoking. We arrived home, fuel dripping out of the engine hence the smoke and more warning lights had illuminated. We were beside ourselves with anger at this point. The next day we telephoned Big Wave Campers. More apologies and excuses were issued and a promise that the vehicle would be picked up, rectified and returned to us as a priority. The van got picked up by BWC and 5 days later, we were notified our van would be returned, it never tipped up. The next day we were notified that the van would be returned to us by 1900hrs, once again it never tipped up. Third time lucky we were notified that the van would be with us by 1800hrs, it never tipped up. 12 days after the van went for repair it got delivered back to us complete with a fitted awning. All problems we were told had been rectified. The van was still leaking fluids and the engine management light had come back on? We informed BWC after we had diligently gone to the effort of taking it to a local garage to get the computer read, 5 alarms had been activated and several were in conjunction with the work that had supposedly been completed to the van in Coventry? We had asked the local garage to complete the work under the Blue Chip Warranty system, they said 'No' as most garages had parlayed together and would not touch this sort of Warranty work due to the Warranty companies not wanting to pay the garages for the work completed, arguing every step of the way and wanting inferior cheaper parts used on repairs? The Warranty issued with the vehicle is worthless. So once again we arranged for the van to be returned to Coventry for repair. After 13 days of waiting I delivered the van in person to Coventry. Another 13 days went by before the van got returned back to us. Unbelievably it was still leaking fluids so another call to BWC, we got told by the Manager we now have to go through a lady in charge of after sales, he would get her to contact us, this didn't happen. Due to the incompetence and lack of professionalism of BWC, we decided to take it to a local garage for repair sadly at our cost.