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BJH Motors and Sons, Worcester

Rainbow Hill. Worcester. Worcestershire. WR38LX

01905 28346

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Joanne Hobster
0.0 / 5
May 20, 2015
Saw a car with the exact spec that I had been looking for advertised by this garage on ebay. I called the garage to express an interest. Asked for a completely honest review of the car as I would be driving the 180 mile round trip with the intention of buying the car and not just looking at it. The garage's own words were that there has to be trust on both side and was promised that "the car didn't even have a stone chip". Sounds good?......yes, until I turned up to purchase the car to find that the hood (it was a soft top) had been torn and had an obvious bad repair. They denied knowledge of ever having seen it before which is complete was the first thing I noticed on the car. So what was their intention??..hoping that I wouldn't spot it or were they hoping that I would still purchase the car having driven such a long way? Either way I was lied to in the hope that I would part with £9,000. Beware of this garage - they are not to be trusted and don't let the fact that they have apparently been around for a long time fool you !!!!!
0.0 / 5
Feb 4, 2015
As BJH have been around for 30 years, it's upsetting that the car I brought from them was so unreliable. Although I purchased an ML Class from them, it took 6 weeks to pick it up due to them repairing an oil leak. Strangely enough, they were happy to take my payment without telling about the faults. Later on after finally collecting the car, it developed even more problems. I contacted John, however my emails and calls were ignored. He finally contacted me back, his response being, they would repair the car.....BUT I would have to pay for the repairs! Apparently their refund policy is nonexistent along with their customer service. I hope my review helps you with your decision whether to buy from these people!