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Bonnets 2 Boots Ltd

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Plot 12, Ross Way CT203UJ, UK

Bonnets 2 Boots Ltd Used car dealership


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Sep 11, 2022
This company is no longer at this site. There is a whole new car sales there now

Alan Stephens

May 2, 2021
We were ripped off by Andy Frost and his mechanic friend when they sold my wife a used car. The car came with a 12 month warranty with a promise of a new MOT when it expired. They have since vanished and the car was in a dangerous state of repair after using another garage to rectify the faults they ran away from. Two front bald tyres, (worn down to the wire) worn and dangerous rear brakes, leaking door seals, worn UV joints on the steering, and a non working key fob and locks. I would not touch these cowboys ever again and would highly recommend you also steer well clear.