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Chester Motor Company

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Chester Road Stanley, Annfield Plain DH90TJ, UK

Chester Motor Company Used car dealership

01207 782804

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Bmw X5 2015
69k miles
Dacia Duster 2014
69k miles
Fiat 500 2014
26k miles

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Darren James

Nov 15, 2020
Biggest bunch of parasites going, selling a vehicle with faults, hire dodgy legal reprsenratives who was banned as a director for property fraud and HMRC; do not understand consumer rights act, finance company finds in buyers favour... whar do cars of stanley do.... send someone to smash up the vehicle by reversing a car into it 4 times before leaving scene in another vehicle. The police were very interested with the evidence left behind. Perhaps when you were staking my house and motorhome location you should have give my CCTV a wave! They do not advertise there true legal trading company which is an offence under the Companies House Act 2006. Pass off shoddy repair work which is defined by them as acceptable, independant advice shows the repairs would have been in the region of £5000k. A 2 quid tube of sealant and bit of plywood was there answer, not withstanding they made the faults worse. What a sad sad time! Karma comes to us all!