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Cumbernauld Car Sales

Cumbernauld Car Sales

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Station Garage, South Carbrain Road G672PL, UK

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Magdy Bahloul

May 15, 2021
I Purchased a car less than 3 weeks ago which has developed various issues like unsafe brakes, leaking fuel pipe and a sensor issue, and should normally be under warranty. I had a couple of breakdowns and I had to fix my car on my own expense since the dealer refused repairing any fault and kept giving corrossion and tear and wear as an excuse. I Reported a breakdown when issued they kept the car for a whole day, eventually they admitted that a pressure valve was responsible of the issue but they couldn't bother to replace it. I reported them to trade standards and I was advised that l would diffinetly be eligible for either a full refund , car replacement or repairing my car free of charge under act 2015 consumer rights law, any purchased items should be free of any faults and in working order, giving the consumer a guarantee for 30 days which is different than the dealer's standard warranty. I emailed my request to them for a full refund of repairs costs quoting a ref number provided by consumer rights .I called customer service and they said to me** listen we are aware of your consumer rights you won't get a refund of anything and do whatever you want and you can't prove the faults where there when u bought the car* This is absolutely shocking and unprofessional my next stop will be legal aid regardless of the costs, you have missed with the wrong guy!!!. My car wasn't rusted just in 2 weeks it's obvious that the damages were there when I bought the car! In addition I can show pictures proving the pressure valve issue in a diagnostic check as well pictures of the rusted handbrake shoe which illiterally has broken in two pieces. In addition to pictures of a complete corroded fuel pipe, which makes the car unsafe to drive all the way to Cumbernauld... If t's corroded fix it first and then sell it, don't use the car's age as an excuse!!! I have got everything documented and ready to be presented to court! ..Not to mention that they advertised for the car as it has full year MOT and sold it with 10 months... I kept their original add on Gumtree as a prove. These kind of traders will be avoided and eventually will closedown.