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Dace Motor Company

3.9 / 5
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Greg Street, Cheshire, SK57BS, UK


Chris Partridge

Oct 4, 2013
My fiancé and I moved to Reddish and needed to buy a car immediately. I've never gone car shopping before so I was bit worrying, but the staff at Dace Motor Company were all friendly and patient. I definitely recommend these guys.


Sep 18, 2013
We brought a car from Dace back end of February and within a month the turbo went and had to have this replaced and then within the second month the electric hand break went again, so another issue with a car that they said had passed a full service. Now six months on and the car has more issues and Dace are washing their hands off the issues because they have sold a car that's not fit for purpose and selling dangerous cars that you will have an accident in or worst kill someone. They are rude and arrogant, Don't go to this cowboy company. Even having an extended warranty they don't want to accept or honor what they sell.

Stuart Wilkinson

Jan 18, 2013
I purchased my second car yet again from dace in reddish. The service from start to finish was great as expected. I went back to showroom at greg street with an issue where it was only a ligh bulb that went out. The service i received from customer service was fantastic they changed bulb for me while i waited. Most importantly a reasonable price.

Mike Burton

Jan 3, 2013
I recently purchased a ford focus from dace in stockport the service was exellent! Our sales advisor Colby was so helpfull, cheers Mike

May 27, 2012
"Very pleased with service provided by Dace Sales Staff" I purchased a 2005 VW Golf from Dace Motor Company in October 2011. The overall service provided by Dace Motor Company was excellent. All of needs were catered for as soon as I walk through the gates. I was offered an extended warranty (standard 3 months) for an additional cost which I accepted. Looking through the extended warranty book is was clear that this warranty was much better than ones I had seen from previous dealers I had visited and included breakdown cover and a courtesy car. I also took the GAP insurance from Dace Motor company as this ensured that if I was involved in an accident where my car was written off, my finance would be dealt with. Overall the staff at Dace Motor Company were friendly, helpful and honest and again the service provided by DACE was excellent and I would certainly recommend them to friends and family and I would certainly be purchasing my next car from them.


May 18, 2011
We are sorry to hear about the poor experience that this customer has had with our service. We sell on average 120 cars a month and have been established for 16 years. We are a family business who pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and have 60% of our customers being repeat customers. This is a fantastic retention of customers and we endeavour to always rectify problems if they arise. If this customer had brought these points to our Sales Manager's attention at the time we would have resolved these problems as everything that is written on our sales invoices (ie warranty length etc) is what we have a legal obligation to fulfil and we have always adhered to this stringently.

Oct 1, 2010
I bought 2nd car and last car from this crap car company. The guy was dealing with me and another customer at the same time. He left me on my own in his office for 20 min and promised me 9 months after sale warranty (only got 2 because car was on 6 months manufacture warranty). Also the price on the website was £1000 less - RIPOFF!!! and he assured me that they only brought this car recently and that's way the price is right - what a awful lie!!! I also had to remind them about £100 voucher from my last purchase - that was a pain. They are happy to help but not interested in aming your needs as they quote on website. I would rather keep my old car and never go on financials. "Friendly, helpful and totally professional staff" ???? I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANY MEMBER OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE BUYING ANY CAR FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!