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Unit 13-14 Kingston industrial Estate, Port Glasgow pa145dg, UK


John Evans

Apr 23, 2023
Scammer. Would NEVER recommend anyone to buy a car from here! Dishonest, untrustworthy and deceitful tradesman


Apr 6, 2023
Terrible experience with this company would never go back or recommend to anyone! Tradesman Daniel is not a honest and trustworthy person. Travelled from Birmingham to Glasgow to buy a 2007 VW Golf Gti in good condition with full service which was advertised on Facebook, the price was according to book value - £5000 We had a good conversation over the phone and I asked to be told everything about the car including bad bits because I didn't want to waste my time travelling ever so far. Daniel assured me the vehicle was in good condition for its age and had minor scuffs with 1 fault being the high pressure fuel pump and that's it. Being a tradesman and sounding like a genuine person on the phone I took his word and the pictures he had on Facebook. Me and my friend travelled up to Glasgow. We were astonished and absolutely gobsmacked when we saw the car. The exterior had rust patches around the car, underneath car was completely rusted. Interior was terrible. Daniel did a great job in hiding these whilst taking the pictures. The roof lining was falling, the door card material all loose, carpet wet inside on driver side front n rear - water coming inside the car, driver seat ripped. Car smelt of damp n moisture On a test drive, the steering felt loose, tyres making rumbling noises, car didn't seem to have any power but was told it drives perfect until you go over 60mph then it might go in limp mode. But just didn't seem it had any power, when putting foot down revs were shooting up and down and it kept kicking back gears. After test drive, I checked the paperwork he had. There was no full service history, hardly any paperwork. I come across a diagnostic receipt from 1 week before. Bare in mind I was told it only had 1 fault high pressure fuel pump but on the receipt there was 2 other major issues which Daniel also failed to disclose. Gearbox slipping and timing chain slightly loose. I couldn't believe that as a tradesman with a established business Daniel lied about all those things and failed to disclose so much. How can you be so heartless n shameless to make someone waste their time and money travelling so far? When confronted, he made excuses of it being 15 years old and that's why its on for that price which is not true. But that still don't give you the right as a trusted business man to not have the decency to disclose everything about the vehicle your selling! We was meant to travel back in this car but instead we were left stranded with not even a apology knowing that we have just wasted nearly £300 making the trip We had to book coach for 11pm thats 7 hours later not knowing what to do or where to go and we got home for 7am the next day. I text Daniel the next day expressing my thoughts and feeling and he still didn't think he had done anything wrong. When told you'll be receiving a true n honest negative review on Google, I was asked not to do it. But why should I not warn people and let them know what sort of tradesman you really are and I'm totally entitled to leave my review. I don't think i can ever trust anyone anymore not even established businesses. Although karma is terrible I just pray and hope no-one else falls victim to this tradesman please be warned!

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