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Emerald House of Cars

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Emerald Vehicle Sales Ltd T/A Emerald House of Cars, Emerald House, Heath Road, Wednesbury WS108LP, UK


Jason Oldacre

Jul 19, 2017
Customer service is really good until they receive money. Car was riddled with faults, some even mot failing faults. I.e. Xenon light ballasts not working, lower suspension arm snapped, just to name a few. No mot certificates were present to look at, an despite empty promises of sending me docs, never received. After eventually getting hold of previous tests, from a better garage, I can see why they withheld the docs from me. Most of the advisories were all the things that are currently wrong. An some faults weren't even picked up by the mot person. I know they said it was one of the cleanest examples the mechanic had seen!!!!! Maybe he should have put it on a ramp. Where he might of spotted snapped coil spring. Damaged strut mounts, damaged drive shafts just to name a few. The vehicle came with a supposed pre delivery report, however all the boxes that were ticked were obviously forged as one box for example says checked for any rattles or knocking noises from steering system. Also I purchased this car over another, due to the fact it was in modified. However it's got aftermarket loud exhaust and more annoyingly it has been re mapped, which immediately reduces the life of the clutch. But fair enough all these faults, at least I can use my free, 3 month warranty. On no I can't, as the dealer didn't bother to activate it. As in their own words, things had been a bit hectic. So I've had to fork out a fortune for a car that was Miss sold and deliberately had faults with held and a warranty that is useless. Good customer service is all well and good. But not if the product is defective and they Miss sell it. Avoid!!! Just to add. They did reply to my review on their website about how shocked they were to hear this an to give them a call to try an sort something out. But no calls or emails are ever returned.

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