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10 Church Street, Moxley, Wednesbury WS108RD, UK

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Aug 25, 2022
I bought a car from Harry in April, a Nissan qashqai. I didn’t particularly care what type of car it was as long as it was “reliable” a word I must have said multiple times as I drive on the motorway a lot. Where to begin. I got the car and the horn didn’t work, cracked/ slow puncture tire in back tyre - would never have passed the supposed MOT they put they through. I was driving to Leeds for work and the car went into limp mode. I didn’t have full recovery from Rac for that far. And the car was stuck in reduced power mode. Due to the warranty and only having the car over a week I asked the garage to supply. They refused to help being so far and advised I DRIVE the car back from Leeds in reduced power. So I did. Bearing in mind I am 26 and was alone - it was terrifying. They had the car in the garage all of 23 times trying to fix the fault - each time saying It was just the injector. Everytime it broke down, it broke down on the motorway preventing me from going to work. They gave me a courtesy car with a flat battery and the rest they gave me always came with no fuel - I had to ask for fuel to come with the car. Like literally the reserve light on. I eventually had enough breaking down on the motorway again and called the rac out as I had a baby in the car with me on the last occasion. They advised my turbo was split and would be obvious to any garage… They fixed it, returning the car with only 15 miles worth of fuel in it. They never fixed any of the other many issues with the car either. To make matters worse, I still haven’t got my logbook and I’m due to tax the car next month. I now cannot get hold of anyone in the garage I have my texts ignored and my calls declined. Avoid this garage - nothing I’ve said here is false it’s all 100% facts which I can prove. I do not have time to turn up at the garage as I work away all the time but I will make time to get this sorted. I’ve avoided writing a bad review but ignoring me for a month is absolutely unreal and embarrassing after care. With my loss of earnings from before and now all the repairs they “allegedly” did (but clearly haven’t) I will insist on taking this further.