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Jamie hudson

Mar 21, 2023
You need to know about some events I even find unbelievable, but please believe me I have 100% lived this awful experience I had a car to px an old car that actually broke down a few miles away from the dealer , a price of only £3.5 to £4.1k had been agreed I will park this for now and come back to it I was collected around 5miles away from the dealer , it was put to me I was so lucky to have such a long test drive this is never offered (why?) read on I liked the car and on the test drive drove great , I paid £14k there and then to get home I liked the car and to be mobile for work is imperative Before I got home 95 mikes a fault was found on Thursday evening 9th of March between then and Monday other faults found ,all Semitic to be similar and electrical however this is only logical as I am no mechanic Let’s go back to the Px on Friday I was told two injectors was faulty and around £500 to repair , then Monday arrives I was offered £1k for the car Hold on I’m half way from home to there already Let unannounced go and have a look , also told the engine had cooked and the head gasket was blown the reason why such a low offer was made I turned up and no one or MILAN was at gateway car sales Manchester was there Called milan the excuse book came out ( I am convinced he wrote the book ) oh I don’t work Monday “ unless it’s to message customers with unscrupulous Offers, I advised I was paying for the vehicle to be recovered 95 miles home, but the £1k offer quickly went up to £2k not bad for a non working day 100% increase I wanted to see the car and made my way to a mechanics as we was talking , oh you have to pay for 2 spark plugs £150 , did I order any parts or ask for any work ? The answer is no So yes I can safely say milan at gateway car sales was ripping me off, the mechanic said the car had fluids in the radiator and was starying , milan told me different , he actually said in the original message the mechanic had offered the £1k , guess what the mechanic had not made an offer My leg was had right over I was being intimidated over the phone I had to pay the mechanic to release the car ,sempt like he wanted to really keep the car doesn’t it , Bearing in mind I’m told £500 repair £300 to have it recovered and £150 intimidation money for work I had not asked to be carried out Wow are you still reading this it sound like a fictional book but I can assure this is word for word reality A actually agreed to take £2250 for the car which only 2 hours before was offered only £1k Lies , intimidation, and the excuse book thats surely the end of this drama , oh no not on your life it is I was in Manchester stating the faults at to milan at his mechanics, 95 miles away from home Did he take action hahaha laughable I will talk to the mechanic tonight and get back to you , after daylight robbery I gave him the option while I was in Manchester to do the repair nah not milan ( milan is the name he uses just incase you thought we was going international) Forward to to today milan is such a good guy his offer was for me to take the car to Manchester 95=miles make my own way home leave it for two days and collect A courtesy car was refused has no vehicles are available yet has a minimum of 29 listed for sale online , and a BMW he unscrupulously had off me I explained 4 days off work was unreasonable and unrealistic No movement my policy , is it just me or has the main character shown his egotistical nature ? My offer thinking the faults are electrical for him to find an eltro diesel mechanic close to me bearing in mind I gave him £14,000 of good money not faulty money good clean hard working money No our policy is you bring it back jog on and collect two days after 4 wasted working days for a working class man really I asked him to stop being a bell Wow mr egotistic really showed up , he is now demanding an apology infact I will include the last message A bell ? Excuse me ? Have I been rude to you once ? ( not rude just lied ) Please chat to me with respect the same way I’m talking to you With maximum respect ( yes being lied to ripped off cheated is MAXIMUM ) I could expect Ok back to th Just because you don’t like what Im explaining about our company doesn’t give u or ANYONE right to call me a bell Im waiting for an apology on that Let’s analyse an egotistic narcissistic’s world means Have I been rude to you Obviously being a complete lier and cheat is acceptable to him Please chat to me with respect the same way I’m talking to you with maximum respect In my book being lied to cheated out of what some people don’t earn in a month isn’t too respectful is it ? But to Milan that’s not in the slightest disrespectful MAXIMUM a demand from a narcissist individual Just because I’m not liking his company’s policy doesn’t give me the right to call him a bell I actually asked him to stop being a bell I’m waiting for an apology n that’s Wow how do bullies who intimidate people once challenged always always turn themselves into victims My last contact with the lier , excuse maker, theif , narcotic,bulk, intimidating, rip off merchant Should I apologise now for hurting his feelings ? Maybe another hard working class mans money will make him feel all good about himself , hey ho, I urge anyone who is looking for a vehicle to swerve this individual 0% thoughts are given to customers 100% loaded into mr butt hurt suckers favour My name will not be withheld i will not use any alias MILAN, I will not be intimidated by an unscrupulous bully , and it is not the end I have asked for in the circumstances extremely mild solution being the cost of a diagnostic local to me for what appears to be electrical faults , would that not have been a more reasonable outcome on a£14,000 spend and £1000+ ripped off the part ex again you must look within for the correct answer , I’m even starting to use words like mild to massage a sensitive creatures ego To be concluded 100% not THE END Every single word is the truth here so therefore I deem this to be in no way unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libellous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, objectionable, indecent or offensive

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