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Glasgow Audi

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520 Hillington Road, Glasgow G524UB, UK
Opening Times:
Monday: 7:30-19:00
Tuesday: 7:30-19:00
Wednesday: 7:30-19:00
Thursday: 7:30-19:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Used car dealership


Dealer Stock

AUDI A1 2019
£18799 or £288.05 p/m
8k miles
AUDI Q3 2018
£20999 or £302.99 p/m
22k miles
AUDI A3 2018
£31299 or £457.19 p/m
14k miles

Car servicing

Garage Type:

Manufacturer Franchised Dealer



MOT testing services

Glasgow Audi provides MOT testing services for the following vehicle classes:

Class 4: Light vans, Ambulances and taxis, Private Passenger Vehicles (9-12 Passenger Seats).

Most recent reviews

John C

Sep 3, 2011
I bought an Audi from another dealer who carried out a service on it prior to me taking delivery. After a few thousand miles the service indicator came on. The supplying dealer did’nt know how to reset it. I visited Glasgow Audi with a view to having them reset it.. No acknowledgement on entry, just a row of white shirted men glued to monitors. Having explained the situation to one of people at the service department I was told emphatically that they could not do this as they had not serviced the car, I got a brief lecture about product liability and not knowing what sort of oil had been used. Obviously the idea was to have me pay for an unnecessary service(£280) in order to have the indicator reset. I was made to feel like an errant schoolboy being rebuked. I left the place with a very tainted opinion of both the dealer and the brand. The impression left on me was the customer was a secondary consideration to in-house bureaucracy – after all it’s my vehicle and my decision to ask for the reset. The whole experience from entering the Glasgow Audi glass temple to leaving it was very negative. I can’t comment on the quality of the work they do but I have never been in a dealership like this Cold, unfriendly, unwelcoming , unhelpful and mean spirited. (Indicator was reset by a local VW dealer in around 10 minutes. Having shown some common sense and excellent customer service they have my custom for future sales and servicing requirements

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