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Dec 30, 2016
DO NOT USE, IF YOU VALUE YOUR HARD EARNED CASH. NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER BUY A CAR FROM THIS GUY, he is well dodgy, sold me a £4,200 car with 3 months warranty (which I NEVER RECEIVED, SO THAT WAS LIES), then the next day when rang him to say the car was faulty and dangerous to drive, he wouldn’t pay for the full cost of the repair and wouldn’t honour the warranty, and so I was left with a car I couldn’t drive, in the end had to report him to Trading Standards who told me to go to my bank and do a “CHARGEBACK”, where I got all my money back because I paid on debit card as you have protection now since October 2015, which took over 6 weeks to get back. This guy is all nice and friendly while he’s taking your money but as soon as your gone that’s it he doesn’t want to know as HE TOTALLY IGNORES ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION, I felt totally conned by this man and he should not be allowed to trade. And also when I enquired about the car it was advertised as £3895, and then a couple of days later he ups the price £400 just because he had some scratches done on it so therefore I got lumbered with the extra charge even though I enquired at the lower price, I felt totally conned by this man he is not true to his word and is just interested in taking your hard earned cash, he also advertised the car as having things it didn’t have (sun roof, cruise control, voice activated controls and alarm) so more lies. He cost me a lot of money as I had to pay to get the vehicle transported back to his garage, as he refused to collect it, a months road tax, a months car ins (+ cancellation fee), plus the sale of my old car.