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Marlow Trade Sales

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93 WEST END ROAD, High Wycombe HP112QB, UK



Jun 3, 2021
This company and this person are a scam. They sold me a car that needs an engine. I asked for a refund from day one. They keep changing their company name and switching everything over to a new company. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

David Smith

Mar 20, 2021
Don't buy from that person. He sells cars in poor technical condition and does not want to give up the money. And ignores sent messages and emails. He doesn't answer phone calls.


Mar 6, 2021
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY changed there name to virtual motor company Ltd on 28th Feb 2021. I bought a vehicle from. These on 19th Feb 2021, having already had issues with brakes and drive belt I sorted a deal with them for 95 pounds off, however on the 200 mile drive home the oil light came on, topped oil back up got home yet again oil light came on, topped it up again a day later oil light came on. Contacted them to tell them that the engine is burning oil, got a response bring the vehicle back on sun 30th for a full refund, after fighting on phone for 20 mins, sat 27th comes at 11.30, they give me a call telling me not to bother coming down as no refund will be given, trying to blame it on his imaginary business partner, now currently going through small claims court, which he is now pretending he has nothing to do with Marlow trade sales it's all same company, if you buy a car from them get it checked, this car of mine had a full mot In January I don't know how, take pictures of advert etc as he changes his details after, one con man after peoples money and does nothing to help them after. Avoid. Like hell

Dane Clark

Feb 28, 2021
Brouoght a car from them only to find various items were not working, advised them by email of this to hear nothing back, contacted them again a few days later when other defects came to light still not heard anything back.They are not replying to emails, text messages or phone calls. Looks like it will have to be the small claims court. Take my advice dont go near them.

kayleigh schutte

Jan 13, 2021
Purchased a car yesterday, they have refused after delivering it to give us the V5 or any proof of ownership. It has multiple problems which were not advertised and are not wear and tear, more its been in a crash, the miles are significatly higher by 2500 than advertised! After multiple calls yesterday weve heard every excuse in the book to not fix the car, despite consumer laws and a 3 month warrenty the car alledgedly comes with. Now were being ignored. If ANYONE is buying from this company and has any reservations, screenshot the advert, if theres anything missing, dont let them leave without getting it there and then and if theres any damage upon arrival, photograph it like we did. Good luck if your still buying from them!

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