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Matthew Spriggs

May 7, 2021
Bought a Mercedes GLA 220d from this company for £15,991 and where to start, the car was clearly in an accident which wasn’t mentioned when I came and viewed, upon viewing maybe I was naive and too trusting but after having the car a week I discovered panel after panel had had major work done, the car looks lovely and shiny but, I’ll list a few of the issues: Bonnet was out of alignment, passenger side doors were buckled, headlights were out of alignment, boot was out of alignment, underneath the car was held in by tap in screws in the wrong positions, the front grill was held up by tap in screws which later dropped out to show a crack, a number of poor re-sprays with loads of overspray which was covered up, poorly filled panels and tape lines from re-spray, the list goes on, also as stated in the advert that the car had Apple Car-play which it didn’t (confirmed to have never had this nor could it now be added with Mercedes). After all these issues, I opted for my mum to deal with the returning of the car as it was clearly mis-sold under the consumer rights act and simply put she would present herself more professionally than me, after addressing the issues the person we spoke with, who addressed himself as Charles, was aggressive, we felt he was trying bullying tactics to scare us away on multiple occasions. The stress this put on myself and my mum for around 2 weeks while this was getting dealt with was beyond words, but eventually he agreed that I could drive the car 1.5 hours to them for them to keep the car for 3/4 days+ to inspect it, which we reluctantly did and so drove to Nottingham to do this and speak with the director about the issues in person to try and rectify this, however he was coincidently at a doctors appointment at the time he gave me to return the car so I was only able to speak to a salesman in relation to the issues which were obviously not for him to give an answer on. We did proceed to leave the car with them and upon returning home we received a call to offer a refund minus £1 per mile, although I do believe I did at least 200 miles less than was calculated but as I had no proof I decided to take that on the chin, as a total I lost around £1000 on this car which by the end was actually a victory.