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May 5, 2022
Worst experience ever from start to finish. Still fighting to get money back. Took 3 weeks of chasing just to get my receipt. Told no damage other than 1 stone chip and small tear in seat but arrived damaged wheel and bumper. Currently circa £1000 out of pocket forcing me to take further action now to get it back. Ignore all the 1 stars at your peril. Any company seems good when no issues but it's how a company deals with problems that show their true colours. Trading standards are now investigating.


Nov 1, 2018
Appsolutly awful dealership . Brought a puegout 308 from this company on the 7.10.18 which I was informed it was a perfect car and a good runner . I brought this car for £1930.00 which in the first 2weeks of me having this car I've only driven it 3times due to problems in the car and it being with the company I've lost out time with my two boys because of this dealership. When I tried to get my money back under the consumer rights act 2015 I was told by this company I was not able to as the car is now fixed . The employer Nelson lied many times of saying he was the owner of the company. The car was in the garage on the 9.10.18 for a diagnostic test which was told is the sensor on the vehicle if it comes back up to go back . On 10.10.18 it showed up again was told it was the sensor again which I than made a decision to go to another garage which they informed me it was the throttle body which I than fed it back to Nelson which he lies and says "that's what the problem is, that's what my garage told me". I was informed to take it to his trusted garage on the 11.10.18 to get it fixed the car was their till 12.10.18 which I picked the car up around 7pm to be told the car is fixed . On Saturday 13.10.18 on my way back from Leamington spa on dual carriage way with my two sons the car is shaking and julking. I've taken the vehicle back to Nelsons trusted garage which he stated the engine is hot from a (30mins drive on a dual carraige-way) the notification came back up on the dash bourd (engine manufacturers system falure) the garage has informed me to bring to him on Monday 15.10.18 at 11am which I got a phone call from Nelson to state to take it to his office . Each day until Thursday 18th Nelson whould state the car will be ready the end of the day or the next day . I would call nelson throughout those days and he did not pick up any of the calls. By 18.10.18 I have informed Nelson I am entitled for a full refund by letter he received that letter by 11.49am on 19.10.18 which he than sent me a private message on that date 19.10.18 at 11.57am stating the car is ready. I told him to respond to the letter he has received. I was denied a refund and he sent me to a sales team which cherish (i believe) informed me the car was ready on thursday and i was not getting a refund . I took legal action and due to how much evidence i had of his mis-conduct of his company he returned me a full refund On Monday 29th October. I am writing this review to help others about this company. I hope no one else has had to experience his bad service.