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27-29 Market Road, Plymouth PL71QW, UK

Plympton Car Centre Used car dealership

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Apr 13, 2022
Mr Stewart McMinn - Plympton Car Center You sold me a Lemon And your team are now giving me the run around on repairs / refund. Is this how you want to treat your customers? In January 2022 my daughter purchased a low mileage Toyota from you and invested in the warranty package on the advice of the sales manager who stated sincerely that "if anything goes wrong we will handle it" Since then however we've had problems. The vehicle filled with water the first time it rained. Your service team couldn't find a leak and suggested I left a window open ? Multiple attempts to rectify this problem still haven't cured it. Other people tell me the door doesn't fit properly and question whether the vehicle was in an accident and improperly repaired. That issue is ongoing. No accidents were recorded on the vehicle history when I purchased it. More problematic however is the issue that started in March. The transmission overheat warning light indicating a problem with the transmission. (more on this below) Your sales manager (Neil) offered to process a refund / replacement on this vehicle on Monday April 11th 2022. I checked in with him, and have been informed that he is no longer employed. Did he really leave within 24 hours of my conversation ? Regardless, I am starting the conversation fresh with you. As the owner of the business I assume you aren't leaving any time soon. Transmission problem. Your service center have been looking at the transmission problem. In a follow up call from another sales person i was told that they couldn't find a problem. The sales manager suggested that I may have been riding the clutch or that the small engine of the car couldn't cope with hills and motorway traffic ? The car is automatic. So this leads me to believe that : A, The Service team never looked a the car. B. The sales manager who called me to report their "findings" was misled, or straight out lied to. C, The sales manager isn't aware that my vehicle, being automatic doesn't have a clutch pedal for me to ride. D, The sales and service team at Plympton Car Center, having sold me a vehicle and a warranty are now uninterested in upholding any part of their obligations to service the relationship. I want a refund. I no longer have any faith in your company or the team that handles post sales support.