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Queslett Motors

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757 Aldridge Road, Great Barr, Birmingham B448NN, UK

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Stewart Griffiths

Jan 5, 2013
Absolute disgrace. I was eager to buy a product for sale, I had bartered as anyone buying a car would but eventully agreed to pay full asking price. No deposit was requested and I was told it was mine. Because the guy had no idea what he was doing, he couldn't find the key, the car wouldn't start as it had a flat battery (which was known as a new battery had been bought for it and was sat next to the car, yet why let me drive 40 miles to see it in that state?), he didnt know how long the MOT was, what was included in a warranty and was waiting on a new card machine apparently. To cut a long story short I was messed around for over 3 weeks waiting for this car to be fixed from his idiotic flooding of the engine. There was not one phone call to myself even though I was promised to be rung back several times and left numerous messages. Eventually when I was told it was ready, I rang up on the day and was told I had been outbid and the car was gone. Perhaps this was something to do with him re-advertising it for £300 more than agreed previously. Not once did he contact me to say what was going on, to ask about the increase in price to cover his stupidness or to even tell me that the car had gone. The customer service of this establishment is shocking and I would recommend anyone to stay well clear. Luckily for myself I found a better car that was 2 years younger, 20k miles less on the clock and in better condition for the same price. His products are over priced and he well let you down as soon as he can get more money.

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