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May 10, 2022
If I could give Shahz Cars less than one star, I would. We have received an absolutely appalling service from this company, from beginning to end, and I would under no circumstances buy, or encourage my friends and family to buy, from here again. My mum bought a Renault Clio from Shahz Cars on 22nd March 2022. That same week, she had a full service done at a local and reputable garage, which revealed the car had been sold in a dangerous condition. The car had failed its MOT only a month before Shahz Cars acquired it, on issues including lighting. When Shahz Cars had their own MOT done by their third-party provider, a ‘pass’ result was recorded; however, the full service revealed none of the issues leading to the initial ‘fail’ result had been fixed. Additionally, the brake pad had been worn to such an extent that the garage informed us it was not safe to drive. My mum first paid for this to be fixed and then, when she could afford to, the lighting issues, finally making the car driveable in the evenings and at night. Whilst staff had been friendly at the point of purchase (except for an older man who shouted at my mum and her driving instructor), their aftercare is genuinely disgusting. When the service first discovered the safety issues, my mum called Shahz Cars to let them know, explaining that she was terrified she’d been driving young children around in it and that she wanted the company to take action. Their response was to repeatedly call her “hyper”; argue no fault of their own; accuse the local garage of making up lies for extra money, then finally try to emotionally blackmail me by saying they too have parents who they care for, so can understand my concern; however, they would really appreciate it if I would take down my review or lie, by cutting out the MOT issue above. They have since, over multiple emails and calls, asked us me take down the review or amend it. I updated the review to make clear they personally do not carry out MOTs but have a third-party provider do this; their response to this has been to question to validity of any complaints about their service, which doesn’t match the “sincere” apology they claim to offer. As you will see in their response below, Shahz Cars claim they have been accommodating throughout the complaints process. In fact, they have still not reimbursed my mum’s full costs or replied to any emails for the last month (they seem to have lots of time to respond to Google reviews, however, which should tell you where their priorities are at). As below, the company have accused my mum of refusing other options they’d offered, just so we could get money out of them. To be clear, Shahz Cars had initially offered to take the car back and refund the cost or have it looked over by one of their own providers. My mum didn’t want to return the car if it could be fixed, as she had already bought road tax, car insurance, had all the documentation put in her name and didn’t want the hassle of undoing this and trying to buy another car at the same time. We had also asked Shahz Cars what they intended to do about the MOT provider who had recorded a false MOT pass. The company said this was blackmail and refused to comment. They’d previously told us they hadn’t had time to contact their MOT provider, and later changed this story, saying they wanted to talk to the provider face to face. We are still unclear what actions, if any, the company actually took to deal with their third party MOT provider or whether they continue to sell cars MOT’d by this provider to new customers. Considering this, why would we drive a dangerous car all the way to Luton to be fixed by someone Shahz Cars had chosen? It seemed much safer to use a reputable garage close to home and then later get the costs reimbursed by Shahz Cars. Over email, we’d told Shahz Cars we would deal with the accusation above, after the reimbursement issue had been resolved; however, now nearly two months later, they have still not reimbursed the full costs and are lying about our motives to cover their own misdoings. We have provided full receipts, images of parts and invoices right down to where the parts were purchased from. All my mum had asked was that Shahz Cars reimburse the cost of making the car driveable. This did not include any other costs, like the cost of the full service, which she covered herself. To now lie and accuse a customer of just “wanting some money from them” when reimbursement would just give her back the money she’d already paid out of her own pocket, is disgusting. If a company has to argue they’re fixing dangerous faults out of “goodwill” instead of a duty of care to their customers, that tells me everything I need to know about them. Finally, my mum has never sworn or personally insulted anyone she has spoken to from this company. She has repeatedly, and sometimes loudly, emphasised that the company has failed in the service it should have provided, has not replied to any emails for a month and that they need to take action. Shahz Cars’ response has been to belittle her by calling her “hyper”, refuse to take any accountability, shout at us in capital letters over email, and make false accusations whilst delivering incredibly insincere apologies, as below. This is not at all a professional company, both in their conduct and customer care and, as mentioned before, I would never recommend them to the people I care about.