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Unit 2 Hedley Units , Brunel Road , Newton Abbot TQ124PB, UK

Signature Cars Torbay Ltd Used car dealership


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Chevrolet Camaro 2010
12k miles
Skoda Yeti 2016
42k miles
Hyundai Santa Fe 2016
59k miles

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Samia Walton

Jun 11, 2018
I can't thank the guys and girls at signature cars enough. I went into a lot of sales sites and didn't really find anything suitable or anyone who was interested in my needs until I walked on signature cars. I was looking for a car with enough room for my growing family not only did Connor listen to me but he went beyond by helping me fit my car seats, and making sure my pram went in the boot. At no point did I feel pressured and I'm so thrilled with my new car a big thumbs up for signature cars

James Foley

Apr 16, 2018
I completely regret buying a car from Signature, and am still paying the significant costs of having done so. I would (and have) advise anyone to avoid them. They claim to ‘put their signature to every car’, and obviously their well-practiced sales patter has convinced a lot of people on here (even I initially left the dealership feeling relatively positive), but don’t fall for it. I certainly didn’t pay ‘banger money’ for the car I purchased, but it turned out to be in an unsafe and unsaleable condition - they clearly either did not undertake even the most basic of mechanical checks, or they were well aware of the multitude of mechanical faults and simply covered them up. The warranty is a waste of paper – it covers nothing, and even the few things that it does cover, they won’t honour. The car I purchased had a fault with the locking system which meant that the car was completely unlocked both on their forecourt and for the first week I owned it before I realised, meaning it could have been broken into at any point, and rendering my insurance invalid. The fault was with a motor in the mechanism, however despite the warranty covering ‘any part of the locking system except the lock itself’, they refused to cover this under the warranty (though the maintenance team eventually relented and waived labour costs at least.) Further faults with the car included: -An existing fault with the Diesel Particulate Filter, which had been present before the car was sold to me, was very expensive to repair, and not included under warranty. -I was told that the tyres were new, and they looked it, so I didn’t check them in the depth I perhaps should have done – they were in fact below the legal limit on the inside at the time of purchase due to severe misalignment. -An oil leak causing the cabin to fill with smoke, especially after longer journeys, which they repeatedly failed to diagnose or misdiagnosed. -A worsening fault with the interior lighting, causing it to flash and to stay on by itself, which they wouldn’t even investigate. This has made night-time driving dangerous. -The salesman told me that the key with low battery was self-charging and a short drive would recharge it – instead I had to pay to replace this. -A door rattle which they also failed to investigate, though obviously that is a more minor issue. In short, a car that I bought for good money to save costs in the long run has turned out to be in worse condition than any of the ancient ~£300 rust buckets I had as a teenager. Needless to say, none of these issues were evident on my test drive. Do not fall for the charming front and performance, or the reviews on here. This is a classic dodgy used car dealership trying desperately to masquerade as something better. I do not consider myself to be an irrational person, and I am not the sort of person who is inclined to leave 1-star reviews just because of trivial matters. My concerns are shared by the multiple trusted garages that I have ended up having to take the car to, and unfortunately I am still paying heavily for the mistake of purchasing a car from Signature Cars.